Class Agenda #8- This I Believe – Creating a Rubric

Opening Circle-

…. so I have no idea what you meant with the hw we had to do with twitter

  • Agree or Disagree with the tweet?

2) If you did your Essay draft, Nod Confidently.

Seats- Groupings- if you did not nod confidently- sit at a back table.

1) Quiz Review- Taking a look at Friday’s Quiz

2) Twitter Homework 

Mini-Lesson –

Creating a Rubric for your This I Believe Essay

  1. Go to Drive.
  2. Create New (Choose …from a template)
  3. Search, “This I Believe”
  4. Choose the “This I Believe Rubric.”
  5. Work in groups to fill in the critera

Here are the SLTs-

  •  I can elaborate in my own writing by intermixing context and anecdote in my personal essays
  • I can work through the writing process by planning, revising, editing, and rewriting. (W5)
  • I can use technology to publish original work and responsibly collaborate with an online community. (W6)
  • I can organize and develop my writing so that it is clear and appropriate for the task, purpose, and audience. (W4)

ESSAY Prompt- This I Believe Guidelines


Class Work- Agenda #8, 9/15 – 15 Minutes

  • Work in groups to create the Rubric Criteria for you This I Believe Essay
  • Look at the SLTs. Think about what a 4 should be. Scale it back from there.
  • NOTE- on major assignments I do not give the option of getting a 2. You revise until you deserve a 3 or higher.


  • Work on your own to complete a This I Believe Draft

SHARE what we have? Possible continue tomorrow in class.


  1. One ore more articles will come from me AFTER 240 PM, via the #validus
  2. React to at least one of the articles in the COMMENT Section below.

29 thoughts on “Class Agenda #8- This I Believe – Creating a Rubric

  1. Marc Ramirez

    Professional athletes are rode models to their fans but also their children. Adrian Peterson is an exceptional NFL running back winning an MVP in 2012, I would go as far to say he is also a good parent. Beating kids isn’t the same as domestic violent against a partner, kids are nieve and unexperienced. In order for your a child to receive one has to beat then every now and then to prevent them from doing what is wrong. Adrian Peterson, made a mistake that time he went a little overboard but the fact that he was beating his child isn’t wrong. Abuse would’ve been if he had broken a bone, the child even knew that his father didn’t have bad intentions.

  2. Mosses

    I read the Article “Entrepreneurs Hits the Road to set ideas on fire” it didn’t surprise me none of the less because I feel like I already know what it takes to get my Idea’s known or even reality. I believe if one would want to turn their idea’s into realities its takes hard work. “Hard work pays off” is the motto when ever I want to achieve my short term goals and keeps me motivated when I want to complete my long term goals.

  3. Katherine Guzman

    “Love” is not a defense for beating your child”
    – Most parents love their children, however that is no excuse on going overboard in beating their child. Reading this article really amazed me, not because I saw this for the first time because it’s not, it’s because Mr. Paterson hit his child with a stick! This is just child abuse, this does not show love, it shows hate. I am not against in hitting a child when they behave bad, but if they are beaten badly now that I don’t tolerate.

  4. Veronica Alvarado

    Athletes are humans as well all because they are on tv and work for a professional sport doesn’t mean they don’t have their own personal life with their own personal problems . I feel Adrian Peterson was not wrong for hitting his child but he didn’t have to beat him that bad. He could’ve just hit him till he understood what they did wrong , just a little spanking on the butt or talking to them and making them understand what they did but abusing them is wrong and he didn’t abuse his child he just dicplined him but just went a little too far with his hands. I understand sometimes people don’t think when their upset but maybe just a little control with your self would make the situation a little better .

  5. Javier

    It seems like we live in a new era where most parents don’t hit there kids. Although many parents teach different ways , having to spank kids to teach them a lesson isn’t wrong. One would say that everyone got hit as a kid, and it was a way for our parents to raise and guide us threw the right path. What is happening to many athletes today is unnecessary. I believe that many reporters are taking it over proportion because they are famous.

  6. Rosalva Rivera

    “Love” Is Not a Defense For Beating Your Child”

    Each parent has their own way of raising their child and informing them about the things in life. However, hitting their child is not something that should be done. If a child does something wrong they should not be hit, they should be spoken to. A parent should have a conversation with their child, talk about the bad things they are doing and why they are wrong. After reading this article I was surprised because of the way Adrian Peterson abused his son. I believe that what he did to his son was wrong, it wasn’t the best way to treat his son and leave him with several bruses. Love is not a reason to abuse a child, the best way to make a child understand that what they did was wrong is to speak to them.

  7. Machiami Kamara

    “Love” Is Not a Defense for Beating Your Child

    Kids are the future as we all know. They represent you and in order for them to leave a good impression of the family, the values of life needs to be shown to them. During this process, kids will make mistakes. And in these mistakes they have to be corrected so the same mistake won’t happen again. Parents have a variety of ways to make sure the same errors aren’t made. Adrian Peterson’s way is by hitting his child. Although, to some the way Adrian handled the business was very inhuman, but in order for a child to learn sometimes getting hit will make sure lessons are learnt quickly. I agree with the way Adrian uses his past methods from his mother to bring into the present , so his child will know right from wrong. However, the way Adrian showed this was excruciating for me as the reader and for Mr. Peterson’s child.

  8. Michael D

    After reading “Love Is Not A Defense For Beating Your Child”, I was seriously mind blown. This article made it seem as it was totally cool to beat children up to discipline them. I disagree, this is so messed up. I have been raised with parents who have never laid a finger on me, my whole life they have just taught me how to act civilized since day one. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one I have met many people who have told me the same story. Even a teacher at my school her name is Ms. Stineman. She told me here parents would discipline her by teaching her from day one not by hitting her. I could say that many know me and Ms. Stineman and we are not so bad. Therefore loving someone and caring about how they will turn out in the future shouldn’t included having to get beaten. That only works on animals because there brains are not that big enough to remember verbally so they have to be shown physically.

  9. Giraliz Grullon

    After, reading the article, I strongly believe that voilence is not the answer to anything and especially if one takes it on a child. There are many way to displine a child but voilence is not the key into changing a child and their bad habits.

  10. Elibet

    Love Is Not A Defense For Beating Your Child
    I totally agree with this because how can you beat your child just because you love him or her? I really don’t Understand why person keep thinking that only because you love someone you have to beat them so they can be better that is a very stupid thinking. Kids are the future and ever I body know that and no because you love you child you have to beat them thay is being a rude person and with out principles and with out knowledge.

  11. fatoumata

    After reading Entrepreneur Hits the Road to set Ideas on fire, I believe that if you put your mind into something you can get it done. One needs to do hard work to get their ideas done. However, hard work pays off.

  12. Charles Crespo

    Article: Love Is Not a Defense for Beating Your Child
    I know that Adrian Peterson is a professional athlete, but since he’s a parent, he could have done something different to his son instead of beating up his son right away. Instead of taking his situation too far and like to the next level, he could have started with warnings until Adrian would start the part of hitting his son without overdoing when his son is showing bad behavior. Of course parents have their ways of handling their son or daughter, but there is no point of abusing their child for any reason and trouble that he/she caused in their lives. I understand that the parents are doing this because they love their child no matter what and want to do what’s right for them, but they need to control them with discipline and not start the violence like beating them with a weapon/object so their child would show them respect and honor. Parents like Adrian should start from one step to another until the child behave themselves with positively and maturity.

  13. Bernice Boateng

    After reading ” Love ” Is Not A Defense for Beating Your Child ” I was very shocked . Some of our parents discipline us out of love but discipline and abuse are two different things . When your parents discipline you they don’t leave server marks all over your body out of ” love ” . Abuse and Discpline are two separate things . I hope that justice is served for the child .

  14. Eufranny Castillo

    After reading “Love” is not a Defense for Beating Your Child”, I was mind blown. Parents want to discipline their children, and sometimes physical abuse is the answer for this discipline. However, discipline and abuse are two different concepts. You can discipline your child, but it can’t go to the extreme of where a child has excessive amounts of bruises on his body.”Love” comes from advice and the right form of discipline, not actions that will not change anything.

  15. Nelson

    After reading “Love is not a defense for beating your Child” I was not shocked because there are kids that are always being abused from their parents and this is just another case and i think he did not beat him because he loves him because violence and love just does not mix if you love a child why beat him? instead show him that you love him.

  16. Denzel

    after reading entrepreneur hits the road i feel inspired i feel there is going to be one day that i will have to take a life changing trip i feel like i went on one already because i took a trip that made me change the way i look at things and it made me the person who i am today

  17. Kaylie Morales

    The article I read was ” September ” and I feel like this was mainly about change and how much people can change just from not being able to see them over the summer, many people experience different things that cause them to change and while kids are still maturing they can change a lot , and because you haven’t seen a person in so long ( like 2 months ) you’ll notice the little things that changed.

  18. Kaylie Morales

    I think I read the wrong thing so I’ll do it again
    After reading the article ” Love is not a defense for beating your child ”
    I feel like hitting a child for any reason is wrong , even though some deserve a little whooping , some parents tend to go overboard like the one in the article. When a kid is doing something wrong they should just get punished not hit. A child should only get hit by their parents if the situation that the kid did was bad but when hitting a child a parent should never so it hard enough to leave bruises but hard enough for the kid to learn a lesson because without discipline children can become very difficult and rude

  19. Rosangel Polanco

    In my point of view if you love your child you should not be making them suffer . No matter what beating your child is something wrong and it is something that if it gets too serious it can take their life away. I belive thats very wrong.

  20. Emmanuel Candelario

    Showing discipline to a children can be way different than hitting the children. Causing pain to a child is not showing love to a child because the child is suffering. The child of the football player was only four and had open wounds on his back and his body. A child that young is suppose to be shown love playing with him not hitting him with a stick. I believe that hitting kids with a stick is child abuse and people can face serious punishment for it. If people are not causing pain to you, why are you causing pain to other people, mostly children. Children are so innocent and do not deserve pain.

  21. El Freddy

    You should discipline your child up to a certain extent, beating out of love for the best also exist, but know your capability and limits to what you can do. Hitting a kid is a good loving way of discipline but it also depends on the parents aggressiveness , strength , and other things going on like stress and etc, if one brings all that stress out when disciplining a child it can result in badly hurting the kid.

  22. Greicy Wong

    The “article” I read was probably not one of the passages you asked us to read for this assignment but it seemed the most interesting of the rest posted on your twitter. I also picked this article because I didnt get to read this article over the weekend due to the fact that you were too busy attending a nice little tailgating party with my crew teacher to post the homework up for us to do. I read “17 Creepiest Things That Happened While Home Alone. As I scrolled down to see these bizzare things that have happened to people I was pretty frightened as well as greatful that none of these things have happened to me while I was home alone. Some of these made me want to do some research and check if these people are still alive or not such as “doors and cupboards started opening and closing randomly in the night” “I was looking in the mirror and the person in the mirror wasnt me” or “the bed started to shake violently while I was laying in bed”. However, some of these mad me wonder how did they even manage to get published such as “someone strocking my hair softly but no one was there” like hey maybe it was a breeze or your nerves. As well as “I was alone and Siri started talking” I dont think I know someone who’s Siri hasnt gone off unexpectedly.

  23. Wilfried Folaranmi

    “Love Is Not a Defense for Beating Your Child”
    Some of our parents discipline us out of love but discipline and abuse are two different things .If a parent is hitting a child because of something little that the have done or beating them with an object should be consider as abuse. As a teen I must say a good beating solves some problem and it will cause a person to think twice before doing something bad again.

  24. Hawa Conteh

    Abuse comes in many forms however, regrading to Adrian Peterson it is within his own family. Many parents abuse their children in order to set them in the right path however, some chose their disciplinary actions in a deragotory way that scares the child for life. I do not agree with the way child abuse has been treated commonly within this generation. A parent can always teach their kids how to be obedient however, if the parents are overly doing this it can be treated as a child abuse case, and as for Adrian Peterson he did indeed react to the situation wrongly. There are many other parents who see what he is doing right but, when it comes to protecting a child, and harming there is a massive difference.

  25. Erick Leon

    After reading the article “Love” is not a Defense for Beating Your Child”, it didn’t really surprised me because once in a while kids will eventually get beat over small incidents. Its not right to go overboard and beat your child severely with a stick, even if its for love. Discipline should not be taught by beating your child. It should be talked out. They are children’s. They make mistakes, not everyone is perfect. I understand that Adrian Peterson had a moment where he got beat really bad where he couldn’t sit down for 2 days. Why would Adrian Peterson use the past as an excuse to have the option to abuse his son. That is not showing love. His son is 4 years old. He deserves to be loved not to suffer.

  26. Fatou Gakou

    “Love” is not a defense to beat your child : People show love differently then others. This all depends on the parent and sometimes what their parents did. Some people show love through caring and kindness while other show love though being aggressive and hard. In this article, the father shows his love by beatih his child when he does wrong. This teachers him a lesson and that he shouldn’t do that. However, in my opinion, beating your child when he/she does wrong doesn’t help. To me it actually makes them do it again and again. Their are other solutions like talking and understanding why the child has done what he/she had done.

  27. hilaryc16

    “Love is not a defense for beating your child”
    I believe that one can discipline their child with love but not abusing. The poor innocent child doesn’t know anything and he’s just receiving injuries for no apparent reason. This can damage the poor innocent child’s. They child may turn violent, will run away, or many bad things can happen.

  28. TyrekeJ

    After reading “love is not a defense for beating your child” I felt strong feelings towards the article. I believe beating a child rather it’s with your hand or a belt is inhumane and unnecessary. There are other affective ways to teach a child a lesson other than beating them. Beating a child rather it’s yours or not brings about fear to them and a child shouldn’t fear their parents, it’s their job to make sure they feel safe.

  29. esmeraldal16

    Entrepreneur Hits The Road To Set Ideas On Fire

    The passage has taught me that passions comes over everything. This man had a passion for his “company” and he took his idead and made them a reality. He used his trip to gain a larger community and gain life lessons with experiences that he could have never had. It also shows a lot of character in him to go to all states and not just the major states.


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