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Class Agenda #42

Final Class To Do List:

  1. Epic Group Juggle Finale
  2. Write an email to Alex Payne (see Class Agenda #41).  Make sure to bcc Mr. B & Mr. D.
  3. Go through all the files on your web site: html, css and php.  At the top of each file, write a comment that gives credit to whoever worked on the file.
  4. End of Semester Programming Reflection
  5. Group Pitch Your Project! –> Pitch Share Out at 10:00 am
  6. Course Evaluation

End of Semester Programming Reflection

Send an email to Mr. Boccheciamp, Mr. Dunseith, Ms. Gomez, and Mr. Simonelli with the title “End of Semester Programming Reflection.”  Your email must be written in complete sentences.  In your email, include the following.

  1. Write a sentence or two about your progress on each of the following SLTs:
    • I can use HTML to make web pages.
    • I can use Cascading Style Sheets to make my web sites beautiful.
    • I can use PHP, Ruby, and/or Javascript to program interactive web sites.
    • I can make something.
    • It’s ok if you haven’t worked on all of these SLTs – focus on the ones you have been working on.
  2. What files are you most proud of creating?  Give the names of these files and describe why you’re proud of creating them.
  3. Write a few sentences about your Programming Log.  Is your Programming Log complete?  Is it a fair assessment of your work?  Why or why not?
  4. Will you continue to work on any programming projects over the summer?  What will you work on?
  5. What else should we know about your programming work this semester?
  6. Write a metaphor to describe your relationship to computer programming.


Class Agenda #41

Group Juggle-

ELA Component Final Assignment:

  • Writing- Send an E-mail to the author, Alex Payne, discussing your take on his post.
  • In your e-mail: Say Hello, Tell him your thoughts, Tell him about yourself, THANK HIM!!!
  • BCC- and

NOTE- Make sure your grammer and tone is similar to that of Mr. Payne’s post. If you would like to send your e-mail to first to help edit, then do so.


Programming Time-