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Class Agenda #7

Opening Circle- Let’s make an outline…

Mini-Lesson- The Dummy Outline.

Practice- Try your own dummy outline.


Class Work to be completed by next week: Finish an outline based on The LOVE STATUE


Closing Circle- Let’s make an outline.

Class Agenda #7

Opening Circle- One word that describes how you feel about your blog.

Opening Reading-

The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful.
-Ron Dawson, President of DayDreamMedia

Blog Sharing Cafe-

  • On your laptop, open your blog to it’s homepage.
  • Rejoin our Standing Circle
  • We will spend 15 minutes circulating the room at looking at our classmates’ blogs.
  • Feel free to bring a piece of paper with you to help jot down some notes.
  • At the end of 15 minutes, return to your seat and write a reaction under Task 1 in your Writing Notebook.
  • Class Discussion- What were some of our impressions so far?
  • You might want to read this help entry about Pages vs. Posts.

Task II- What are your next steps for your blog?

  • Binary Numbers and How the Number Trick Works
  • How to Submit a Capacity Matrix (Prezi)
  • Math Content in this Course: What You Should Know So Far
    • The definition of “decimal”
    • There are number systems other than decimal – like binary – and these number systems can come in handy.
    • Scientific Notation exercises are QUICK
  • Intro Problems – From TN1 to TN2 (Prezi)
  • Capacity Matrix for TN2
  • Work Time for either TN1 or TN2

Sequences Resources:

Class Agenda #6

Opening Circle- The perfect song for a heart to heart is…

Reactions: Writing Notebook

Independently read the following link. In your writing notebook, write down your reaction.

Blog Post Time

Share, what is our blog about?

You have 30 minutes to independently work on your blog.

  • Could be a post
  • Could be a draft
  • Could be adjusting your theme, about, widgets
  • Could be a combination

If you finish early, consider the following:

Closing Out on SLT TN1: I can use exponents to understand large numbers, small numbers, and non-decimal counting systems.

SLT TN1 Quizzes – See class instructions on how to receive a grade on these quizzes.

Grading Scale

Problem Set #2 is due today.

Hand out Problem Set #3.