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Delta Math: Functions 2 Results







We’re making progress!

  • 6 students completed 100%
  • 16 students earned a 3 on TN3 by completing 85% or more.
  • 5 students earned a 2 on TN3 by completing 70%
  • Overall, that’s 21/50 students, which is more than double the number who completed the last assignment.
  • But…it still means that 29/50 did not do what they need to do.

TN Functions2 Results

Class Agenda #24

Opening: Group Juggle & Tweet

The marking period ends tomorrow – are you meeting your ELA learning targets?

Functions: Mastery Quiz for SLT TN3

The marking period ends tomorrow – are you meeting your Math learning targets?

  • Excel Exploration #3
  • Delta Math: Functions 2
  • Problem Set #9

Final Product after 3 days of knitting !

Who would’ve thought that knitting is boring after all? Well.. its really not ! I had a great experience on learning how to knit ! It only took 3 days of training and they already knitted scarfs and hats !

Almost done with her cool hat !

These girls showing off their final

Had a fun experince learning how to knit….. it look easy but its really not !