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A Bunch of Educators Walk Into a Room…

Dear Validus #TrendingNow,

Next Thursday, Messrs. Boccheciamp and Dunseith will spend a few hours sharing the work of this year’s #TrendingNow class with a group of teachers and school leaders at the Expeditionary Learning Schools National Conference in Baltimore, MD.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to participate in this conversation in one of two ways:

  1. We would like you to be experts on this work.  As students, how do you see the role of technology in the classroom?  Should computers, social media, and other online technology play a role in your classes?  What is your advice to teachers on how to make the best use of new technology?
  2. We would like to give you access to an expert audience.  As we meet with other teachers and educational leaders, do you have any questions for our group?  What are some important education issues that you’d like us to talk about?

Please post your thoughts and answers to either of these two prompts in the comments to this page.

Stay tuned for more ways to participate in our class next Thursday.

Final Product after 3 days of knitting !

Who would’ve thought that knitting is boring after all? Well.. its really not ! I had a great experience on learning how to knit ! It only took 3 days of training and they already knitted scarfs and hats !

Almost done with her cool hat !

These girls showing off their final

Had a fun experince learning how to knit….. it look easy but its really not !