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Class Agenda #29

[Group Juggle]

The Future

The theme of CBS Sunday Morning this week was “The Future.” We will watch a few short segments from this show.

As you watch each segment and in your notebook:

  • Summarize the segment in about a sentence
  • Take notes on anything interesting or remarkable
  • Jot down any reactions or thoughs

Projects: Where do you stand?

  • One person is the facilitator.
  • One person is the note-taker.
  • The note-taker should take notes on what you discuss, and send it in an email to,, and
  • The facilitator should guide group members through your web site, and ask each group member:
    1. What do you think we need to do next?
    2. What do you need to do next?

Project Work Time

Class Agenda #27

Group Juggle-

Opening ELA Task (do this even if you’re late)- Compose a tweet that reflects your thinking and spirits for the day or that responds to a relevant and provocative piece of news. Use the #uatweets in your tweet.

To Do’s:

  • We want to share your sites with the whole Validus community.
  • You need a contact us page that tells visitors where they can go to ask questions and provide feedback.
  • Every group needs a twitter presence.  You can consult with #UATWEETS for ideas or possible collaborations.

Programming Time

  • indexes, stylesheets, and php, oh my!
  • How is your site branded?

Class Agenda # 26

Group Juggle:

Opening Tasks- 

  • Open an “Incognito Window” in Chrome
  • Go to the Front Page of the NY Times’ Website
  • Look for 2 words that you are unsure of or think more people should be aware of
  • Send 1 word in an e-mail to your group. CC – B, D & G
  • Creatively and effectively use 1 word in a tweet. Use #uatweets

Yesterday only 6/26 people scored a Level 2 or higher on the Weekly Trend Report. Some big news happened yesterday and you now have the opportunity to revise your work.

[Weekly Research Assignment]: 20 Minutes  Use your research skills to find something that is trending now. Could be from the weekend. Could be from last week. Then, use your writing skills to draft an essay of about 250 words that does the following:

  • (NEW) You must use and cite MULTIPLE SOURCES in your essay.
  • Summarize the story.
  • Analyze the story- Ask yourself, why did this story trend?
  • Predict- What are the outcomes or implications of this story?
  • Cite- Credit your sources using our MLA Format
  • Tweet- Share your links with your twitter followers.

Learning Target: I can make something.

Checklist – Here is what every group’s web site must have by the end of the period (for a grade):

  • index.html – this is the homepage of your web site
    • it must include a link to your about.html page
    • all pages on your site must link back to index.html
  • about.html – this page should include links to a page for each member of your group
  • .html page for each member of your group
  • stylesheet.css – every page on your site must be linked to this stylesheet, so all pages have the same style, look, and feel
  • Once you set up these basics, think about how to make your site AWESOME, and get to it.

One group member must send an email to all team members and to Boccheciamp, Dunseith, & Gomez with the following information:

  1. The exact name for your site, which will be printed in your group’s link on WorkshopMaybe.
  2. 3 NEXT STEPS that give details about how you’re going to make your site AWESOME.