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Final Product after 3 days of knitting !

Who would’ve thought that knitting is boring after all? Well.. its really not ! I had a great experience on learning how to knit ! It only took 3 days of training and they already knitted scarfs and hats !

Almost done with her cool hat !

These girls showing off their final

Had a fun experince learning how to knit….. it look easy but its really not !


College! Are you ready because they are.

Some people just think about going to college but there are some people who were getting ready since 9th grade. In this class the student’s had to get interview as they were going to college. I interviewed a girl named Sujeidi Heriquez.
Q “What did you learn from this class”
A “I learn how to go into a interview and how to be comfortable in myself and my answers”
Q “What was a challenge for you”
A “My challenge was finishing my college application’s and staying focus for hours doing college stuff”
Q “How is this going to help you in the future
A “This is going to help me by getting me ready for college and help me to be ahead if the game”
It seems that to this student college is her only choice for her future and she’s ready for anything that comes her way.

A brave soul

A student, who may just resemble a jedi, has taken the task to strive in every intensive possible. Kevin Basado, has achieved greatness in every intensive hes participated in “Over the last few days ive dropped in almost every intensive and took part in their activities” the brave soul of Kevin Basado