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Class Agenda #3 The Universe

Opening Circle-

Goal- Group Juggle Level 1 with 5 objects?

SLT- I can improve my hand eye coordination, brain function, and cognitive capacities through the my active participation in the group juggle.

Mini-Lesson- Thinking about your Universe?

  • Your Universe when you’re a child?
  • As you change schools, blocks, classes, start to see and hear new things?
  • As you age…

Classwork- In your notebooks, start to think about your Universe…

  • Create a list of all of the things that are a part of your Universe
  • Create a list of things that are trending (culturally relevant) within your current universe.
  • Try to create a list of things that are trending OUTSIDE of your universe.

Reading and Reaction from my #trending universe: A Modern Love Story.

Reading and Reaction to something outside of my #trending universe: Syria

Closing circle

Class Agenda #2

Opening Circle-

Goal- Group Juggle Level 1 with 5 objects?

SLT- I can improve my hand eye coordination, brain function, and cognitive capacities through the my active participation in the group juggle.

A Quick Review of the stats from last night:

  • # of emails received- 23
  • # of (No Subject Headings) – 1
  • # of Laptops claimed- 23
  • # Songs shared- 17
  • # of most shared artist- 4, Kendrick Lamar and Drake
  • # Artists I’ve never heard of- 2. Zedd. Principe Baru
  • # of Notebooks Created- ?
  • # of Notebooks Shared- 14
  • # of Notebooks with at least part of the assignment complete- 6

Grab Laptops- go to site.

Setting up a notebook-


Last night, this was revealed- #TwerkFail

Question- What is your reaction to this reveal?

Looking at notebooks

Closing circle

Class Agenda #1

Circle Up-

Whip Around- 

  • Name
  • What does the word “trending” mean to you?

Group Juggle- I can improve my hand-eye coordination and brain function through by being an active participant in our class group juggle.

Non-Negotiable Norms- Electronics, Uniform, Laptop Norms, Self-Sufficiency/Fake It Till You Make It

Class/Home Work-

  • Send me a Formal E-mail that shares the number of the computer you’ll be working with this semester, something you feel is culturally relevant to you, and one song that’s trending now that I should be listening to.
  • Create a “digital notebook” in your Validus Google Drive.
  • Share with Mr. Boccheciamp
  • Write what the word “trending” means to you in a complete thought. Be sure to include examples that articulate your point.
  • Create a “for schooling purposes” Twitter account. If you already have one, make sure it’s something you want to use in school.

Class Agenda: Tuesday 12/4 / Final RAFTS Description

[Opener]: Group Juggle

[Product Assignment]:
3rd Marking Period Final RAFTS

  • Role- You’re a vital part of the VPA #TrendingNow Media Team
  • Audience- Our Validus Community. Our EL National Network. Anyone interested in seeing something cool.
  • Format- A Digital Media Platform (WYNC, Mashable,, etc…)
  • Topic- During this final marking period, we will be turning this class into a digital media platform that can be consumed by the masses. We will be using the resources that we have at school to make a product that people are interested in seeing.
  • Strong Verb- Excite

Step 1- Research and Report- What are some key roles and resources in a digital media platform? Meaning, what are the necessary jobs of a Digital Media Organization?

Step 2- Discuss as a class and begin to think about roles.

Step 3– Send me an e-mail with what role you’d like to have in our Digital Media Organization.

SLT TN4: I can find the inverse of one function and the composition of multiple functions.

  • [Opener]: Finding the inverse of a function.
  • [Work Time]: 30 minutes of work time on Delta Math: Inverse of Functions
  • [Coming Attractions]: What is the composition of two functions?
  • [Problem Set]: Here’s Problem Set #10; it’s due next Tuesday.

Trending Writing Notebook Format


  1. Start a new google.doc
  2. Rename your doc with your name and the words “writing notebook” in the title.
  3. Each new day (beginning at 8AM), or class session that you use your notebook, make sure you put The Date.
  4. Within each day or class session, label your writing into different tasks (Task 1, Task 2, Task 3,…) at the minimum. Be more specific with real headings if you can; this will only make your notebook easier to read and look more professional.

Example- Title: B’s Notebook


Task 1-

I chose this course because…

Task 2-

Some norms for presenting your work should be…

Task 3-

Math Reflection

Task 4-