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Class Agenda #41

Group Juggle-

ELA Component Final Assignment:

  • Writing- Send an E-mail to the author, Alex Payne, discussing your take on his post.
  • In your e-mail: Say Hello, Tell him your thoughts, Tell him about yourself, THANK HIM!!!
  • BCC- and

NOTE- Make sure your grammer and tone is similar to that of Mr. Payne’s post. If you would like to send your e-mail to first to help edit, then do so.


Programming Time-


[Opener]: Circle Up & Group Juggle

[Student Learning Targets]:

  • I can improve my brain-function, hand-eye coordination and collaborative capacities through my involvement in The Group Juggle.
  • I can identify and analyze the ways in which the explicit use of social media and technological structures prepare students to be nimble leaders.
  • I can explore the ways in which EL Core Practices can be enhanced by the use of social media.
  • I can tell the difference between math problems and math exercises, and I can articulate the role of each in an EL math classroom.
  • I can see how mastery-based grading structures help drive individualized instruction and student reflection.

[Opening Task]: Take 3 minutes to Google yourself. Reflect on what you find.

Why we created this #TredningNow Class at Validus.
[Back Channel]:
Introduction of MC Back Channel (Parking Lot) via the Twitter #elnc13

Hi, this is Yasmeen Khan from SchoolBook. Can you call/email me when you have a sec to talk abt your commute? XXX-XXX-5156

[Framing II]: The story behind this reading.
[Share Out and Debrief]: Backchannel Check-In
[Synthesis]: “Learning to Lead,” and…

A Bunch of Educators Walk Into a Room…

Dear Validus #TrendingNow,

Next Thursday, Messrs. Boccheciamp and Dunseith will spend a few hours sharing the work of this year’s #TrendingNow class with a group of teachers and school leaders at the Expeditionary Learning Schools National Conference in Baltimore, MD.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to participate in this conversation in one of two ways:

  1. We would like you to be experts on this work.  As students, how do you see the role of technology in the classroom?  Should computers, social media, and other online technology play a role in your classes?  What is your advice to teachers on how to make the best use of new technology?
  2. We would like to give you access to an expert audience.  As we meet with other teachers and educational leaders, do you have any questions for our group?  What are some important education issues that you’d like us to talk about?

Please post your thoughts and answers to either of these two prompts in the comments to this page.

Stay tuned for more ways to participate in our class next Thursday.

What is a Startup?

Expert visit from Tim Dybvig, entrepreneur


What is a startup?

Roles at a startup:

Group Work: HACKATHON!

  • Groups of 5 people, brainstorm a startup idea (this is often called a “hackathon”)
    • 10 minutes for group discussion
    • You’ll get 2 minutes to “pitch” !
  • Inspiration for brainstorming:
    • What is a problem you have every day, that technology could solve?
    • What do you hate spending time doing?
    • What is a site you go to and use constantly, but that sucks to use?  How could you make it better?
    • Make it simple — doesn’t need to be complicated to be good!

Share out: Groups share 2 minute pitches


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