Class Agenda #137 – New York State Regents Listening Comprehension

Class Agenda #137- New York State Regents Listening AND Some Vocabulary Words to use.

  • Opening Circle- What is something that you hold?
  • Opening Song- “DOO DOO” Troy Ave (2:59, 2015)

Opener- 5 Min

  • SLT- I can analyze how an author’s choices concerning how to structure specific parts of a text contribute to its overall structure and meaning as well as its aesthetic impact.
    • Please take out your Listening Comprehension Section from Last Week.
    • Journal- How are we attacking the Listening Section of the test?
    • Share Out

Whole Class- Listening Section, Click on the Link and Look at the Exam.


We will go through the Listening Section Now.

Mini-Lesson- Some Handy Vocab for improving your writing.

Review together.

  • Class Work-

    Option 1- Revise Last Weeks Essay with some of the Vocab Words from the reading above.

    Option 2- Look through the August 2013 Exam above and Work on Sections you Need.

    Option 3- Search and Memorize the Authors and Review the General Plots of: “Hamlet”, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”, “How To Date a Brown Girl”, and “Welcome to the Monkey House”. (Also, look up Native Son, Of Mice and Men, and any other text.)

    Some Helpful Links- Spark Notes, Google, Junot Diaz


    Bring in any Regents Work that you’ve done these past few weeks in TOMORROW. Do it if you haven’t.

    Continue to familiarize yourself with the test and the texts that you’ve read.

    If you haven’t finished the essays or short responses from the week, work on those too.

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