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Our class Agenda just turned #40!!!!!

Group Juggle-

In your notebook- We’ve seen a number of articles highlighting the “Top Websites RIGHT NOW!!!!” but what are your top sites? And why?

20 Minutes Independent Research– What are your top 2-3 favorite sites on the internet? For each site:

  • In 1 sentence, what does the site do?
  • In 2 sentences- What do you like about this site?
  • In 2 sentences- What can we all lear about building websites from your site?

Share out

Programming: HTML for All – What types of <FORM> types are there?

Class Agenda #39

Group Juggle-

Finish- Why Man Creates


  1. Now that you’ve seen this short, why does (wo)man create?
  2. How do you view yourself as a creator? (what do you create? why do you create? are you a creative?)




Class Agenda #38

Group Juggle- 830-835

Choice- 835-9

“Why Man Creates” Sections 2 & 3 “Fooling Around” and “Process”- (Start at 5:00 in)

  1. Why does man create?
  2. What is your reaction to this


Weekly Trend Report


$$$$$$$$$$$$$- 9-925

Last week we all received an e-mail from Munk called:

“10K for your  crazy Validus Project that just might work”

-The next phase of the iZone is underway. In the spirit of democratization and spreading the wealth, they have launched a program to give innovative projects 10K in seed money. The democracy part – Anyone in the Validus community can submit a proposal for the seed money. Students can submit, teachers can submit, hallway staff or admin can submit!

-This sort of program is an acknowledgment that brilliance often comes from below. The iZone wants to fund that crazy idea, that might just work. The projects must attempt to solve a school wide problem or a problem in your classroom.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are some school wide problems that 10k would help address?
  2. What are some deficiencies in your education that the granting of 10k to a class would help to address?

930- Check e-mail from Dunseith

Programming Time- ’til 1030
-If you are interested, please do one or both of the following:


Class Agenda #36

Group Juggle

Reading – How did this happen? The Harlem Shake [8:30 – 9:00]

Questions – Digital Notebook

  1. What is your reaction to this information?
  2. How does this effect you?
  3. What are you going to do with this information?

Circle Up – Bring 1 quote from the article into the circle. [9:00 – 9:10]

Site Schematics – How do all the pieces fit together? [9:10 – 9:30]

  • We’re going to spend a little while working ON PAPER!

Individual Programming Time [9:30 – 10:30]

Class Agenda #35

Group Juggle

Case Study-How to become Internet Famous for $68″


  1. What is your reaction to this article?
  2. What are the implications of this business?
  3. What are you going to do with this information?

Individual Programming Assignments are due Monday, May 20.

  • Note: Yes, this is “individual” work, but it’s related to the work of your team.  You’re each doing your part.
  • See yesterday’s agenda if you’re not sure what you’re supposed to be doing.
  • Amenata, Claritza, Fatema W., Fatumata, and Noheli have not yet send “My Programming Assignment” emails.

Database People: See Dunseith for today’s work.

Class Agenda #34

Group Juggle

Weekly Trend Report- Focus your report on something that IS RELATED to your product. We will share out after 25 minutes.

Individual Programming Assignments are due Next Monday, May 20.

There are 3 kinds of programming assignments: HTML, CSS, and Database Programming.  Look for your name in the list to see which one you’re doing:



Database Programmers

  • Who: Christian, Musa, Rai, Wesley, Sean, Jose, Lisbeth
  • What to do: Click here to read today’s assignment.
  • The goal is to be ready to learn about interacting with your database during tomorrow’s class.
  • If you finish: play with your PHP workbench, and try to get a few different kinds of loops working.  Send me an email about what you worked on and what questions you have.

If your name is not on one of these lists, go to Class Agenda #32 and read how to write the “My Programming Assignment” email.  All students should send this email before the end of class today.