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Class Agenda #33

Group Juggle

I can improve my brain-function, hand-eye coordination and collaborative capacities through my involvement in The Group Juggle.

Large Circle-

Review Work Plans

Work Time-

Reporters- Write and research your first articles if possible

Copy Writers/Editors- Choose AT LEAST 2 of the following Brain Pop Grammatical Exercises – e-mail the results to

Editors/Analyst/Colorists- Should we “re-brand” our site?- –  Think of a plan for how we should expand our brand.

Web Designers- Get familiar with how to use WordPress

Extra Time- Personal Blogs

Math Learning Targets: What is your action plan?

Problem Set #11 / Vacation Packet

  1. Problem Solving: putting your best work on the page, even if it’s not perfect.
  2. Composite Functions: here’s what high school math looked like for almost a century.
  3. Delta Math

A few example problems.

Work Time

  • Excel Exploration #4 is due tomorrow (12/21/12)
  • Get started on Problem Set #11

Grade Reports for Math SLTs

[Grade Reports]: Follow these instructions carefully

  1. Click on this link to get the document.  You must be signed into your Validus account to access this document.
  2. Click on File –> Make a Copy
  3. Name the file: #TN Grades YOUR NAME
  4. Share the file with Mr. Dunseith (
  5. Sign into the Jumprope Student Portal
  6. Find the math targets of this #TrendingNow class.  In your grades, it might show up as ALGEBRA 2 or STATISTICS.  Either way, it’s the class with the same SLT’s listed in your Grade Report
  7. Follow the instructions to fill out the chart and make a plan for the rest of the semester.
  8. Send Mr. Dunseith an email requesting ideas for work on any of these eight SLTs.
  9. Note that you can use a chart like this for ANY CLASS you want!

Class Agenda #32


  • I can hold an important job in the #TrendingNow Digital Media Platform
  • I can improve my brain-function, hand-eye coordination and collaborative capacities through my involvement in The Group Juggle.

Large Circle-

  • Overview of the class- Today we will meet with our classmates with similar roles.
  • Whip Around- What role did you choose in our Digital Media Platform?


  • When we meet in groups we’ll need a facilitator, a note taker, a time keeper
  • Organize by similar roles: Reporters/Copy Writers/Photographers, Editors/Web Design, Editor-in-Chief/Analyst/Colorist


  • What should your responsibilities be?
  • What do you think the work flow for the pieces of this platform should be?
  • What do you think our digital media platform should focus on?
  • What are some necessary steps to get ahead?

Editors/Web Design

  • What should your responsibilities be?
  • What is your vision for how this platform should look and function?
  • Is your vision realistic for our class? (If no- how can we adjust your vision to fit the restraints of our class?)

Reporters/Copy Writers/Photographers

  • What should your responsibilities be?
  • What do you want to focus your reporting efforts on? Individually? As a group of content providers?

Rest Of Class- 

  • Work on your assignment for the school platform.
  • Personal Blog
  • Finish your Trending Research Essay.

Looking at Your Options

I have received emails about a few of the learning targets.  Here is the plan for each one:

  • 5 students asked for more work on Habit 5: I can make strategic use of appropriate tools.  
  • 3 students asked for more work on SLT TN1.  If you want to raise your grade from a 0 on this SLT, the best way to do it is to submit the Capacity Matrix.  If you’re not sure what to put on the Capacity Matrix, send me an email, or click here.
  • 2 students each asked for help on TN4, Habit 3 and Habit 4.  You will receive a homework packet over break regarding these learning targets.

Delta Math debrief.

Excel Exploration #4