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We took a trip to WNYC. A momentary lapse of reason, while a set of students pose for a picture in front of the Gattaca actor Ethan Hawke.


Intensives, Day 3

Guiding Questions

  • How can we re-brand this web site to serve as a digital news magazine?

  • How can we make this classroom more like the WNYC studios?

Today’s Hashtags

  • #awwSeniorPics

  • #thanksWNYC

  • #VPAintensives

Intensives Monday Agenda

Circle Up

  • Introductions
  • Group Juggle

Anchor TextThe Importance of Hashtags in Your Tweets

Intensives Learning Targets

  • I can thoughtfully document #Validus’s 2012 The #FallIntensivesWeek using a variety of social media platforms (Twitter, Blogs, Instagram, Facebook, etc…)
  • I can identify what’s trending within my #school #community and throughout #myCity (#NYC), and be a part of the action through live reporting.
  • I can start a #trending topic on Twitter

Checking the #Trends and Assigning Fieldwork

  • What’s #Trending at #Validus Today?
  • What’s #Trending in #NYC Today?
  • Who’s going where?


  • You are expected to #Tweet multiple times per day, using the hashtag #ValidusPrep
    • You can tweet about things you see.
    • You can tweet the thoughts of other students on fieldwork.
    • You can tweet what the tour guide says.
    • You can tweet photos of…
    • You can tweet…
  • You are expected to use your phone to take pictures of your experience
  • You can put these pictures on Twitter or #instagram immediately or save them for a large blog post on Wednesday.


  • Reporters report for their assignments
  • Those staying with this Group must decide where to go today, and off we go.

Intensives Fieldwork Wish List

We’re six days away from the start of Intensives week!

Some of you will take this class as an Intensive, but even if you’re not planning on it, please respond to the following questions by writing a comment below.  We’d like to take our best thinking into the field next week!

If you haven’t signed up for Intensives yet, click here!

  1. If you could be a reporter for any Intensive (traveling with them on their fieldwork, taking pictures, writing about their work), which one would it be, and why?  (If you need to see the list of Intensives, click here.)
  2. If you could go anywhere in New York City to help build your blog, where would you want to go?  Who would you want to talk to?  What pictures would you like to take for posting on your blog?
  3. Is there anything trending now in NYC that you would like to report on?  Where should we go on our fieldwork to make that happen?