Class Agenda #135 – New York State Regents Multiple Choice Questions

Class Agenda #135- New York State Regents Prep Multiple Choice

  • Opening Circle- What are the different types of Multiple Choice Questions?
  • Opening Song- “Est-ce Que Tu M’aimes” Maitre Gimes (2015, 3:45)

Opener- 5 Min

  • SLT- I can analyze how an author’s choices concerning how to structure specific parts of a text contribute to its overall structure and meaning as well as its aesthetic impact.
    • First Selection From June 2014 Regents
      • TEXT CODE-
        • PUT a # whenever you see a passage that contains a literary element.
        •  PUT a ∞ whenever you see a passage the connects to the quote or controlling idea.
    • Share out our Symbols-
  • Mini Lesson- What are the Different Types of Multiple Choice Questions?

  • Types of Multiple Choice Questions

    1. Always go back to the passage to find the sentence. Look in the sentences around it to find clues to the right answer.
    2. Read the sentence given with a blank in place of the word they want you to define – think of your own word!
    3. Look at the answer choices, which word is closest to the word you were thinking?


    1. Find the answer back in the passage by scanning for the key word in the question.
    2. Reread the whole paragraph with those key words.
    3. If you are still unsure, take your best guess and circle the number in your test booklet. With your extra time at the end, go back to the circled question, then reread the ENTIRE story to see if you can learn more to answer the question correctly.

    Main Idea

    1. Use the title or subtitle as a clue.
    2. Look at the first few sentences or paragraph of the passage.
    3. Look for the key word or idea that is mentioned AT LEAST 3 times THROUGHOUT the ENTIRE passage. Think: what are they talking about in the beginning, middle, AND end.


    1. Even when the question says “What do you think,” you have to use clues from the story to find the right answer. There is only ONE right answer.
    2. Use your own background knowledge to make a logical conclusion.
    3. REMEMBER: Story clues + Background knowledge = Inference (the answer!)


    Practice- Read Each Multiple Choice Question from The Opening Reading. Identify “What type of Question It Is.


    Class Work- Option I- Work on the MC Questions from the June Regents.

    Option II- Read on your own.

    Option III- Practice Interpreting Quotes

    Homework- Finish Journal assignments or copying the 2 point response.

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