Class Agenda #71 – Think Pair Share- “Tell Tale Heart”, I

Opener- How do you know when someone is feeling guilty about something?

#498- “Give Up The Funk” The Parliament (5:47)

Part I- SLT- I can write for extended periods of time.

DO NOW- Journal about guilt. Write about someone feeling guilty for something they did. You could have been a part of the incident, or just around the guilt.

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Part II– Mini-Lesson – Point Of View

2) Unreliable Narrator

This narrator is not limited to one type (1st or 3rd), but is unreliable and conveys information to the reader of which he/she (the narrator) is not aware. This could be because the narrator is a young child, going insane, naïve, old and senile, or other reason.

Let’s look at a few examples:

Think Pare Share- What makes this character unreliable? How could it affect the story?

Think Pare Share- What makes this character unreliable? How could it affect the story?

Part III- “The Tell Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe

  1. Download “The Tell Tale Heart” to your desktop.
  2. Save As- and Name it Using Your Name. example- “tell_tale_heart_poe_boccheciamp.doc”
  3. Independent Read this story.

How to text code the story on your desktop.

  • Next to the search bar on the top right of the doc, their is a little icon with a square and pencil in the middle. CLICK ON THAT. This allows you to underline.
  • Two icons to the left, there’s a highlight button. CLICK ON THAT
  • Now you are ready to text code!
  • Independent Read for 5 Minutes
    • As You Read- Text Code-
    • Yellow Highlight Lines from the story the represent the narrator’s reliability.
    • Underline words the address the story’s mood.
  • SHARE- Are there examples of reliability?
  • How do you know the story’s POV?
  • What are some words that contribute to the mood?

Read Aloud, Together.

Read Aloud Audio File



  • I can analyze the impact of the author’s choices in developing and relating the elements and devices of literature. (R3-lit)
  • I can analyze the author’s purpose and perspective. (R6)
  • I can analyze how the structure and organization contribute to the meaning of the text. (R5)
  • Exit Ticket/Closing Circle- How am I preparing for regents exams this weekend?

Homework- Respond to some readings from the #validus.


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