Class Agenda #69 – Think Pair Share- White Bear IV

Opener- Group Juggle. #turnup

#47- “Move On Up”, Curtis Mayfield (8:11)

Part I– Black Mirror “White Bear” Discussion Questions and Annotated Character List


  • I can analyze the impact of the author’s choices in developing and relating the elements and devices of literature. (R3-lit)
  • I can analyze the author’s purpose and perspective. (R6)
  • I can analyze how the structure and organization contribute to the meaning of the text. (R5)
    Do This- Finish: Annotated List of Characters as we watch- Names- Victoria, Jem, Baxter
  • DO NOW- Answer this question in a complete paragraph for the first part, and one or more for the second. Your claim and rational/evidence.
    • QUESTION- In the text “White Bear, which Literary Elements were the most impactful? How were they used?
    • Literary Elements List- 
      • Setting

        Setting refers to TIME and PLACE: Time: of day, year, era/age? Place: city, country? Outside, inside? Rich and opulent or poor and simple? Stark and barren landscape? Rainy or sunny? Beautiful or adversarial? Dark or light? Dangerous or safe? The weather? how does all this affect meaning? What feelings (atmosphere) are evoked just by the setting?


        The author’s attitude towards what (s)he is writing that translates into your attitude: or – what is the feeling of the whole work and the writing/artist’s craft? Joyful? Melancholy? Fatalistic? Angry? Peaceful? Scary? Mysterious?


        The story’s ideas? Author’s attitude towards those ideas? Author’s “statement” about those ideas? The story’s message or main point? Your attitude?

        • Dramatic IronyDoes the audience/some characters know more than another character? Is one or more character(s) speaking/acting without knowledge others have, thus creating a double meaning?
        • Crisis

          What is the moment of decision (internal dilemma resolved) for the main character? When is the character faced with his/her internal conflict and realizes she/he must make a decision?

          Mini-Lesson- Think Pair Share-

  • The 4 L’s of Listening-
        • Look – make eye contact
        • Lean – lean toward your partner
        • Low voice – use your private or library voice
        • Listen – demonstrate active listening/responding/accountable talk

Think Pair Share Protocol-

  • QUESTION- In the text, “White Bear,” which Literary Elements were the most impactful? How were they used?
  • Preparation  
    • Laptop Norms- Everyone has 1 minute to ‘THINK’ About their answer to the question.
  • Decide 1 and 2
  • 1st partners  are the teachers: they tell 2s what you think and why/evidence
  • 2nd partners are the learners: they paraphrase 1’s answer, extend, question, or ask for elaboration
    • Protocol for Realzzzzz 
    • 1st Partners have 1 minute to share their response to the question uninterrupted.
    • At the end of 1 minute, partner 2 says back their paraphrasing of partner 1’s response.
    • Partner 1 can now clarify anything they need.

Exit Ticket/Closing Circle- How am I preparing for regents exams this weekend?

Homework- Respond to some readings from the #validus.

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