Class Agenda #66 – Literary Analysis in Short Fiction- White Bear II


Why do people record fights on their phones?

#187- “If You Want Me Stay”, Sly and The Family Stone (3:00)

Part I– Black Mirror “White Bear”


  • I can analyze the impact of the author’s choices in developing and relating the elements and devices of literature. (R3-lit)
  • I can analyze the author’s purpose and perspective. (R6)
  • I can analyze how the structure and organization contribute to the meaning of the text. (R5)
    Do This- Create: Annotated List of Characters as we watch- Names- Victoria, Jem, Baxter
  • Answer the following-
    • Victoria begins the episode upset about something, what is it?
    • Why does Victoria follow Jem?
    • How does Baxter trick Victoria and Jem?
    • Why does Jem come back for Victoria?
    • What is “White Bear?”
    • What is the narrative structure of “White Bear”? and how does this narrative structure contribute to the meaning of the episode?
    • What are some choices the show’s creator makes in “White Bear” and how do those choice influence viewers?
    • What was the show creator’s purpose in this episode?

Exit Ticket- What was the point of this episode?

Homework- Respond to some readings from the #validus.


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