Class Agenda #64 – Finishing New Year’s Resolutions, Serial Final Product Part I

Opener- What are your next steps for today?

#610- #1 in our hearts…- “Treat ‘Em Right” Chubb Rock (4:39)

Part I- 

Do Now- A Review Some Openings- Read the following on your own. What’s good about it? What could be better?


Your Honor, Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury as Adnans attorney I have reviewed the case from the small details to the massive ones, and I have come up with the conclusion that Adnan is innocent. My client, Adnan, has been charged with first degree murder in the death of Hae Min Lee after her disappearance on Jan. 13, 1999. This case has been filled with evidence that has had a derogatory, or a positive impact on this case. From this evidence I will present to you that Adnan could not have committed this crime. I will show that the defendant is not guilty of this murder, and that the reasons to why he was first convicted were misjudged.


Adnan Syed was convicted guilty for killing his girlfriend Hae Min Lee 15 years ago. The case was recently reopened when a reporter named Sarah Koenig started the case in a Serial podcast and told the story week by week. She visited new witnesses and got further evidence in hopes of finding out his innocence. There is still not a guaranteed answer but after watching Serial, I believe Adnan is innocent of killing Hae.

How does a Lawyer talk-
Famous Movie Closing Argument Example



Reddit Resources for the Serial Podcast. Skim through them. (HINT- look at the Right Sidebar for the better links)

CFU- What do we see? How can we use them?

Serial Official Site – with all of the audio if you need.

Part II- Work Time

Here is the assignment- Serial Final Product- Search: Serial Podcast Final Product

Class Work- Review your notes for the best evidence for your case. Make sure you have specific quotes from the text. Begin Drafting your Argument.

Sentence Starter for an opening- “Your Honor, Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury…”

Exit Ticket- What are your final steps?

Homework- Respond to some readings from the #validus.


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