Class Agenda #63 – Finishing New Year’s Resolutions, Serial Final Product Part I

Opener- What is an Episode of Serial that has good evidence for or against Adnan?

#604- “Passin’ Me By” The Pharcyde (2:54)

Part I- A Review of the Resources

SLT- I can draft an Annotated List of personal reflections.

Do Now- Click on the Reddit Resources for the Serial Podcast. Skim through them. (HINT- look at the Right Sidebar for the better links)

CFU- What do we see? How can we use them?

Serial Official Site – with all of the audio if you need.

Part II- Work Time

Here is the assignment- Serial Final Product- Search: Serial Podcast Final Product

Class Work- Review your notes for the best evidence for your case. Make sure you have specific quotes from the text. Begin Drafting your Argument.

Famous Movie Closing Argument Example

Sentence Starter for an opening- “Your Honor, Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury…”

Exit Ticket-

Homework- Respond to some readings from the #validus.


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