Class Agenda #62 – Finishing New Year’s Resolutions, Serial Final Product Part I

Opener- Do you believe in New Years Resolutions? Yes or No

#404- “Green Onions” Booker T and The MG’s (2:54)

Part I- New Year’s Resolutions

SLT- I can draft an Annotated List of personal reflections.

10 Min- Finishing Your Annotated List of 5-10 of your own New Year’s Resolutions. They can be as general or specific as you’d like.

  • Digital Share- On This Doc
    • Copy and Paste Your Name and 1-5 of your Resolutions. I’ll print this and hang it on the wall.
    • Yes it’s going to get CRAZY for a minute, but it’ll be alright.

Part II- Read Aloud- Serial Final Product-

Here is the assignment- Serial Final Product-

Class Work- Review your notes for the best evidence for your case. Make sure you have specific quotes from the text.

Exit Ticket-

Homework- Respond to some readings from the #validus.


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