Class Agenda #61 – New Year’s Resolutions Part II

Opener- What is 1 of your New Year’s Resolutions?

#4- “Paint It Black” The Rolling Stones (3:44)

Part I- Review and Protocol


  • Take a few minutes to review your summary(ies) from yesterday.
  • Re-read what you wrote.
  • Make any corrections in clarity that you see fit.


New Year was basically celebrated to give thanks to the gods, these actions were done in order to be in good with the gods. These celebrations lasted for 11 days . The length of the celebration conflicted with the beginning of the year and as result a new calendar was made and January was made the first month of the year to honour the Janus. Resolutions are made by every individual but most of these goals just go down the drain.

SLT- I can evaluate the significance of The New Year’s Resolution in history.

  • Reading II- “The Surprising Reason Why We Make New Year’s Resolutions.”
    • Quick Write- What are some of the changes in New Year’s Resolutions over the years?
  • Protocol-
    • The “Trade and Share, Whip and Edit”
      • Trade your notebook with someone at your table.
      • Whip around the table and share the summary out loud.
        • After each sharer, group edit, focusing on the parts of the summary that can be clarified.

Part II- An Annotated List

SLT- I can draft an Annotated List of personal reflections.

Mini-Lesson- What is an Annotated List?

Class Work- Create an Annotated List of 5-10 of your own New Year’s Resolutions. They can be as general or specific as you’d like.

Exit Ticket- How important are New Year’s Resolutions in American Society? Explain.

Homework- Respond to some tweets from the #validus.


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