Class Agenda #46 – Analyzing the Evidence, “The Case Against Adnan”

Opener –  

  • Round 1- A word that comes to mind
  • Get out your NOTEBOOK (Can Be Digital) 
  • #508 “Lost” Frank Ocean (2012 – )
  • Notebooks, Seats, Writing Utensil
  • 5 (Min) Write- Analyze the cartoon. 
    • Step 1- Explain it in your own words
    • Step 2- What specific detail from the cartoon made you say your word about it?
  • Share Out (2)
  • Mini-Lesson
    • SLT- I can analyze evidence in Episode #6 of Serial “The Case Against Adnan” and evaluate its importance.
  • Analyzing is a two step process.
    • Step 1- Restate the evidence in your own words. If there is a quote, restate the quote in your own words. If it is an interpretation of a passage or graph, restate the interpretation in your own words.
  • Step 2- Explain how the evidence links to or supports your argument.
    • Some would say this is the most important part.

Read Aloud- Serial Podcast Episode #6 “The Case Against Adnan”

The Week Ahead-

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday- Listen to episode. Prepare Discussion of Evidence Against Adnan.
  • Thursday- Final Word Protocol Analyzing the Case Against Adnan.
  • Friday- Short Writing on the Case Against Adnan
  • Class Work-
    • Set up a T Chart
    • Left Side- What is the mounting evidence for Adnan’s Guilt? Describe it.
    • Right Side- Analyze how the prosecution could use this evidence against him? Analyze it.
      • Put the evidence in your own words
      • Explain how or link to how the evidence proves Adnan’s guilt or innocence.
  • CFU #1- Turn and Talk
    • What is the significance of one of your pieces of evidence?
  • Final Word Protocol For Class-
    • Based on “Route Talk” do you think Adnan is innocent or guilty? Find a direct quote from the text to share as your defense.
  1.  Exit Ticket- Self Reflect- How comfortable are you evaluating evidence to identify counter claims?


Practice note taking by reading articles from the #validus. Work on Cornell Notes in your notebook.

Add the Summary at the end of your notes.

Bonus for the Brave- Summarize your article in the Comments section.

Be Precise in your language.

Share Out


1 thought on “Class Agenda #46 – Analyzing the Evidence, “The Case Against Adnan”

  1. Rosalva Rivera

    Title: “How Not To Use A Grand Jury”
    Summary- In most instances those individuals who are accused of committing a crime usually take their case into court where they are told if they are found to be guilty or not. At the end, the court’s decision may be something that a few individuals may agree with and others may disagree. In the article “How Not To Use A Grand Jury” on November 25, 2014 the author Jeffrey Toobin speaks about the the case of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and how the grand jury was used in that case. It is indicated that the goal of criminal law is to be fair. Robert McCulloch is known to be a local prosecutor who took the case of Wilson, the officer who killed Michael Brown, to the grand jury which turned the decision about whether to prosecute. It is said that McCulloch gave Wilson’s case special treatment. The case was turned over to the grand jury and then used the investigation as a document dump, an approach that is virtually without precedent in the law of Missouri. Reserving special treatment for white police officers charged with killing black suspects is not an appropriate solution and it is unfair. The use of the grand jury should be used correctly.


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