Class Agenda #40 – Evaluating the Evidence, “Inconstancies”Who

Opener –  

1 word to describe what you feel about the picture or what this picture makes you think.

  • Get out your NOTEBOOK (Can Be Digital) 
  • Share Out (2)
  • 3 (Min) Write- Elaborate- How do you feel about “inconsistency?” and why?
  • Notebooks, Seats, Writing Utensil, Homework
  • #174 “Paint It Black” The Rolling Stones (1966 – 3:44) 
  • Mini-Lesson
    • SLT- I can identify evidence in Episode #3 of Serial “Leakin Park” and evaluate its importance.
  • We’ve been focused on Evaluating the personal evidence concerning Adnan.
  • Today we begin focusing the consistency of the evidence against him.
  • What does it mean to be “inconsistent.”

Read Aloud- Serial Podcast Episode #4 “Inconsistencies”

  • CFU #1- Stop and Jot
    • What is the significance of the Memo to Detective Ritz?
    • The call to detective Massey?
    • The second call?
  • What is the significance of the Conversation with Yassir Ali and the Detectives?
  • CFU#2- WHOLE CLASS then Stop and Jot
    • Why does Adnan’s Cell Phone Records crack the case for the detectives?
      • Who is Jennifer Pusateri?
      • Why does Sara refer to the interview with Jen as “The Heart of The Thing?
        • Evaluate the key pieces of evidence that Jen is sharing.
  • CFU #3- Turn and Talk
    • What is the key piece of information that Jay offers the police and how does it affect Adnan?
  • CFU #4 Whole Class and Stop and Jot-
    • Describe Jay and Adnan’s relationship.
  • CFU #5 – Stop and Jot
    • Who is Stephanie and how does she fit in to this story?
  1.  Exit Ticket- Self Reflect- How comfortable are you evaluating evidence to identify counter claims?


Practice note taking by reading articles from the #validus. Work on Cornell Notes in your notebook.

Add the Summary at the end of your notes.

Bonus for the Brave- Summarize your article in the Comments section.

Be Precise in your language.

Share Out


1 thought on “Class Agenda #40 – Evaluating the Evidence, “Inconstancies”Who

  1. Rosalva Rivera

    Title: “On His New Mixtape, Childish Gambino Wrestles With His Roots and His Identity”
    Summary- Each individual has their own genre of music that they like to listen to. Through music many artists sometimes express their emotions or their experiences in life. In the article “On His New Mixtape, Childish Gambino Wrestles With His Roots and His Identity” on October 2, 2014 the author Aisha Harris mentions that the actor and rapper Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino incorporates his identity and where he came from in the lyrics of his new musical project. The title of his musical project refers to the Stone Mountain, the Atlanta suburb where he was raised. In his music he indicates that he is from Atlanta and he also mentions that the reason to that is to make a point. In addition, it is said that Gambino attempts to craft his image on his own terms, even when the public doesn’t care to see him in that light. Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino incorporates his roots and his identity in his new musical project for several reasons, he also includes many of his childhood experiences.


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