Class Agenda #38 – Evaluating the Evidence, “Leakin Park”

Opener – Where’s the last place in NYC where you’d want to be after dark?.

  • Get out your NOTEBOOK (Can Be Digital) 
  • Share Out (2)
  • 3 (Min) Write- Elaborate- Where’s the last place in NYC where you’d want to be after dark?
  • Notebooks, Seats, Writing Utensil, Homework
  • #502 “Good Day” Nappy Roots (2008 – 4:22) 
  • Mini-Lesson
    • SLT- I can identify evidence in Episode #3 of Serial “Leakin Park” and evaluate its importance.
  • We’ve been focused on Evaluating the personal evidence concerning Adnan.
  • Today we begin focusing the circumstantial evidence in the case.
  • What does “circumstantial” mean?

Read Aloud- Serial Podcast Episode #3 “Leakin Park”

  • CFU #1- Turn and Talk
  • CFU#2- WHOLE CLASS then Stop and Jot
    • Evaluate the Evidence against Mr. S. – CEATE A T CHART
      • Why was Mr. S considered a prime suspect.
      • Why did the case against Mr. S not stick?
    • CFU #3 Stop and Jot-
      • Based on the Evidence raised in “Leakin Park”:
        • How did the case for Adnan’s guilt get strengthened?
        • How did the case for Adnan’s inocence get strengthened?
      • Final Word Protocol

 Exit Ticket- Self Reflect- How comfortable are you evaluating evidence to identify counter claims?


Practice note taking by reading articles from the #validus. Work on Cornell Notes in your notebook.

Add the Summary at the end of your notes.

Bonus for the Brave- Summarize your article in the Comments section.

Be Precise in your language.

Share Out

1 thought on “Class Agenda #38 – Evaluating the Evidence, “Leakin Park”

  1. Rosalva Rivera

    Title: “The Level Playing Field- An age-old education dilemma has a digital face: Hook students with an easy read, or make them sweat?”
    Summary- Reading is a way in which many individuals are able to build up their skills and improve their vocabulary. However, in some instances although students may be in the same grade level they are not the same in their reading levels. Some are at higher levels that others. According to the article “The Level Playing Field” on October 8, 2014 the author Annie Murphy Paul indicates that a digital program is a way to help one level up their reading but also help one comprehend what they are reading. In some schools, a digital program such as Newsela includes quizzes at the end of each article that helps teachers evaluate a student’s comprehension and also adjust their reading levels accordingly. Newsela helps students read the same article although some may be at different reading levels. In addition, it is indicated that to become a fluent reader it is important that each student reads a lot on their own time. Digital programs is a way in which many students are able to read at their own pace and also at their own level of complexity.


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