Class Agenda #36 – Episodes 1 & 2 of Serial Assessment-

Opener – Based on the Evidence So Far- Is Adnan innocent or guilty?

  •  Everyone Needs a Laptop. You can work in your Notebook too. 
  • Share Out (2)
  • #10 “Wha’d I Say” Ray Chales (1959 – 5:04) 

Finish Episode II- 14 Minutes.

  • Mini-Lesson- These are all of the things we’ve talk about so far.
    • SLT I- I can use precise language in my claims, discussions and explanations of “Alibi”
    • SLT II- I can evaluate how Adnan Syed’s use of precise language affected his case.
    • SLT III- I can evaluate how people involved in Adnan’s case use precise language in their accounts.
    • SLT- I can correctly use the word “evaluate.”
    • SLT- I can utilize our “Accountable Talk Anchor Chart” in discussions with my peers.
    • SLT- I can work in groups to use the “Final Word” Protocol in discussion of “Alibi”
    • SLT- I can collaborate with my peers to Evaluate the Evidence in Adnan’s Case.
    • SLT- I can identify evidence in Episode #2 of Serial “The Breakup” and evaluate it’s importance.


  • Go to Drive
  • Open Templates
  • Find “Serial: Counter Argument Organizer”
  • This is your writing prompt and assessment. We can review togethe“>r or you can begin on your own.
  • Work ON THIS IN CLASS Thursday and Friday.
  • We might have to try this-


Practice note taking by reading articles from the #validus. Work on Cornell Notes in your notebook.

Add the Summary at the end of your notes.

Bonus for the Brave- Summarize your article in the Comments section.

Be Precise in your language.

Share Out


2 thoughts on “Class Agenda #36 – Episodes 1 & 2 of Serial Assessment-

  1. Rosalva Rivera

    Title: “In a Big House, but Playing It Small- Aziz Ansari Plays Madison Square Garden”
    Summary- Comedians are a way in which one is able to entertain themselves and at the same time view one’s talent. There are several comedy shows that take place in many different theatres including at Madison Square Garden. On October 9, 2014 a comedian by the name of Aziz Ansari did a comedy show at Madison Square Garden. In the article “In Big House, but Playing it Small- Aziz Ansari Plays Madison Square Garden” the author, Jason Zinoman indicates that Aziz Ansari’s show at Madison Square was not as great as many individuals expected. It was also said that he began to be more sober, conversational style. In addition, it has also been said that the crown work made the show less about Aziz Ansari and more about the outside world. Aziz Ansari focused much more on talking about the outside world. The comedy show by Aziz Ansari was not a great and funny as many people expected it to be.

  2. fatoumata16

    Masked protesters clash with riot police on Bonfire Night in London
    Summary: People were arrested, because they were fighting for rights. Everyone has the right to speak their rights, because everyone have freedom of speech.


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