Class Agenda #32 – EVALUATING the case against Adnan Syed

Opener – Think back to yesterdays discussion- Summarize your best piece of evidence for Adnan’s innocence or guilt.

  • Get out your NOTEBOOK, YOUR “ALIBI” TEXT.
  • #443 “I Shot The Sheriff” Bob Marley & The Whalers (1974 – 4:41) 
  • Notebooks, Seats, Writing Utensil, Homework
  • 3 (Min) Write- Self Reflect- Did anyone’s sharing yesterday influence your thinking?
    • (What _____ said _______ influenced my thinking because________) 
  • Share Out (2)
  • Mini-Lesson
    • SLT I- I can use precise language in my claims, discussions and explanations of “Alibi”
    • SLT II- I can evaluate how Adnan Syed’s use of precise language affected his case.
    • SLT III- I can evaluate how people involved in Adnan’s case use precise language in their accounts.
    • SLT- I can correctly use the word “evaluate.”
    • SLT- I can utilize our “Accountable Talk Anchor Chart” in discussions with my peers.
    • SLT- I can work in groups to use the “Final Word” Protocol in discussion of “Alibi”
    • I can collaborate with my peers to Evaluate the Evidence in Adnan’s Case.

Mini-Lesson: 5 Minutes

  • Review the Final Word Protocol
    • The Role of the Moderator
      • It’s NOT a back and forth discussion. Sharer has the floor.
      • Make sure you ask sharer to include page #’s if they don’t naturally.

Whole Class: 5 Minutes

    1. Share out what we evaluated to be the best evidence and Page #
    2. Share out the best evidence that MOST Counters your claim and Page #.

Group Discussions and Synthesis (15 Minutes)

  1. Using “The Final Word Protocol”
  2. (15 Seconds) First Round- What would you Evaluate (rank) as the Most Critical to piece of evidence and why?
  3. (15 Seconds) Second Round- What would you Evaluate (rank) as another crucial piece of evidence and why?
  4. (15 Seconds) Third Round- Evaluate which piece of evidence MOST Counters your claim and explain why.

Group Synthesis- Use a Large Piece of Paper to Evaluate (rank) the evidence from your Groups’ case for or against Adnan.


 Exit Ticket- Self Reflect- evaluate the Final Word Protocol as a discussion tool?


Practice note taking by reading articles from the #validus. Work on Cornell Notes in your notebook.

Add the Summary at the end of your notes.

Bonus for the Brave- Summarize your article in the Comments section.

Be Precise in your language.

Share Out



4 thoughts on “Class Agenda #32 – EVALUATING the case against Adnan Syed

  1. Rosalva Rivera

    Title: “Masked Protestors Clash With Riot Police on Bonfire Night In London”
    Summary- In life there are times in which things may not come out as one planned. In the article “Masked Protesters Clash With Riot Police on Bonfire Night In London” the author Tim Chester mentions that on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 a Bonfire Night turned into a chaos in central London. Several activists overtook the city as part of the Million Masks March in which they protested against austerity and infringement of rights. In addition, a comedian and actor Russell Brand decided to be part of the Million Mask March in London on Bonfire Night. Individuals were asked the reason for why they had decide to join the march, each person had their own reason and explanation for joining the march. The protest was part of the world-wide event with many different demonstrations taking place in countries including Cambodia, Chile, Canada, America, and Mexico. The Bonfire Night had turned into a chaos that night, the Million Mask March was a huge concept that changed that night.

  2. Machiami Kamara

    Article: “Masked Protesters Clash With Riot Police on Bonfire Night In London”

    Summary: London recently had masked protesters turn a Bonfire Night into a chaotic event in minutes. Tim Chester displays photos of these masked protesters. Not only are regular people part of this chaos, but it seems a comedian and an actor name Russell Brand were caught being a part of it. Tim also presents the day in which this event happened; Wednesday, November 5, 2014. Many others from different countries such as Cambodia, Chile, Canada, America, and Mexico took part in the event and because of this the event became world-wide. This is a day in which everyone knows that protesting can be taken to the next level.

  3. Emmanuel candelario

    The bonfire happened in London and it was a crazy night for some people. Ten people were arrested that night people a huge amount of people decided to smash bottles and set fireworks off. Many people had mask on so it was hard to tell who was who. Many elders that were in the place were really infuriated and believed that it was enough. They felt like someone had to stop what was going on and no one was doing the effort to stop. For others the night was really fun and leave was a word they did not want to hear


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