Class Agenda #31 – EVALUATING the case against Adnan Syed

Opener – Self Check – On a scale from 1-4, how comfortable are you “evaluating” information and evidence?

  • #226 “Moondance” Van Morrison (1970 – 4:34) 
  • Notebooks, Seats, Writing Utensil, Homework
  • 3 (Min) Write- Self Reflect- How comfortable are you with evaluating information?
    • (Start- I think I am _____ at the skill of evaluating because ____)
  • Share Out (2)
  • Mini-Lesson
    • SLT I- I can use precise language in my claims, discussions and explanations of “Alibi”
    • SLT II- I can evaluate how Adnan Syed’s use of precise language affected his case.
    • SLT III- I can evaluate how people involved in Adnan’s case use precise language in their accounts.
    • SLT- I can correctly use the word “evaluate.”
    • SLT- I can utilize our “Accountable Talk Anchor Chart” in discussions with my peers.
    • SLT- I can work in groups to use the “Final Word” Protocol in discussion of “Alibi”
  • (5 Minutes)- Review Accountable Talk Anchor Chart (5 Min)

Remember- When you see the word “evaluate” think “ranking.”

Individual Work (5 Min)- Preparing for your discussion-

Here are the questions for your group time:

    1. Look over your evidence from the case against Adnan.
    2.  Do you Believe Adnan did it?
    3. Evaluate the evidence-
      • Evaluate (rank) the evidence from Most Critical to Least.
      • Evaluate which piece of evidence MOST Counters your claim.
      • Explain why.
    4. YOU MUST share the passages that you’re using as evidence.

Group Discussions and Synthesis (15 Minutes)

  1. Using “The Final Word Protocol”
  2. First Round- What would you Evaluate (rank) as the Most Critical to piece of evidence and why?
  3. Second Round- What would you Evaluate (rank) as another crucial piece of evidence and why?
  4. Third Round- Evaluate which piece of evidence MOST Counters your claim and explain why.

Group Synthesis- Use a Large Piece of Paper to Evaluate (rank) the evidence from your Groups’ case for or against Adnan.


 Exit Ticket- Self Reflect- evaluate the Final Word Protocol as a discussion tool?


Practice note taking by reading articles from the #validus. Work on Cornell Notes in your notebook.

Add the Summary at the end of your notes.

Bonus for the Brave- Summarize your article in the Comments section.

Be Precise in your language.

Share Out



3 thoughts on “Class Agenda #31 – EVALUATING the case against Adnan Syed

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