Class Agenda #29 – Using the term – EVALUATE

Opener – What is something that you “evaluated” from the end of class yesterday, to now.

  • Get out your NOTEBOOK and YOUR “ALIBI” TEXT.
  • #225 “I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man” Muddy Waters (1954)
  • Notebooks, Seats, Writing Utensil
  • 5 (Min) Write- Journal- what did you evaluate? Write it out.
  • Share Out
  • Mini-Lesson
    • SLT I- I can use precise language in my claims, discussions and explanations of “Alibi”
    • SLT II- I can evaluate how Adnan Syed’s use of precise language affected his case.
    • SLT III- I can evaluate how people involved in Adnan’s case use precise language in their accounts.
    • SLT- I can correctly use the word “evaluate.”

Remember- When you see the word “evaluate” think “ranking.”

  • Today in Class-.
  • Continue “Alibi”
  • Use your Transcript to evaluate the following discussion questions:
  1. Evaluate The State’s case against Adnan (P. 4-5).
  2. Evaluate Jay’s interview with the detective. (P6-9)
  3. Evaluate Sara’s Interview with Adnan (9-11)
  4. Evaluate the Asia McClean’s role in this case. (15-17)
  5. Evaluate Adnan’s Timeline


Prompt- Now that you’ve evaluated pieces of Adnan’s case, do you think he deserves another trial. Use Specific Evidence from “Alibi” to support your claim.

This should be at least 1 page.

  •  Closing Circle – Whip around, How is Adnan Syed’s use of precise language affecting his case?


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