Class Agenda #27 – Precise Language in “Alibi” from The Serial Podcast

Opener – Think back to where you were from 2:44-3:06 on Monday, September 15? Who could be your alibi for this time spent?

  • Review Changes- Opening/Closing Circle, Leave Your Notebooks.
  • #204 “Try A Little Tenderness” Otis Redding (1966)
  • Notebooks, Seats, Writing Utensil
  • 3 (Min) Write- Journal- Who is your alibi from 2:44-3:06 on Monday September 15, 2014? Be precise explaining why this person is your %100 alibi.
  • Share Out
  • Mini-Lesson
    • SLT I- I can use precise language in my claims, discussions and explanations of “Alibi”
    • SLT II- I can evaluate how Adnan Syed’s use of precise language affected his case.
    • SLT III- I can evaluate how people involved in Adnan’s case use precise language in their accounts.

Let’s look at page 2 of our transcript: Transcript

Sara Koenig is asking 3 boys of their whereabouts last week.

Evaluate- Evaluate (in writing) the credibility of these boys’ accounts based on the precision of their words.

Whole Class- Review the first 3 pages of the text- Consider what we know about our main characters:

  • Hae
  • Adnan
  • Jay

For each, point to an exact line in the text where you’re getting your info from.

Continue Read Aloud-

EXIT TICKET- Before we Closing Circle

  • How is Adnan Syed’s use of precise language affecting his case?
  • Answer in complete sentences.
  •  Closing Circle – Whip around, How is Adnan Syed’s use of precise language affecting his case?

Homework- Practice note taking by reading articles from the #validus. Work on Cornell Notes in your notebook.

Add the Summary at the end of your notes.

Bonus for the Brave- Summarize your article in the Comments section.

Be Precise in your language.


3 thoughts on “Class Agenda #27 – Precise Language in “Alibi” from The Serial Podcast

  1. Rosalva Rivera

    Title: “Dropbox, Airbnb, and the Fight over San Francisco’s Public Spaces”
    Summary- In the article “Dropbox, Airbnb, and the fight over San Francisco’s Public Places” some Latino males are asked to forfeit the field at a park in San Francisco. On October 10th, a video was viewed by many people which depicted an incident that occurred on August at the soccer field at Mission Playground, a public park in San Francisco. A group of adults, mostly white males asked a group of Latinos to forfeit the field. Kai, a college student and the leader of the neighborhood kids indicated that his family and him had been evicted about two times. There are some individuals who are also being evicted from their homes. To many city residents, the new park department programs felt like a betrayal. Dropbox and Airbnb are blamed for the decreasing available housing an increasing number of evictions. However, many are glad that the Mission’s Playground has remained a Latino Community, but there is no guarantee that the privatization of San Francisco’s other public parks and facilities won’t continue.

  2. Rosalva Rivera

    Title: “Latest News: Midterm Elections, Ebola Quarantines, World Series”
    Summary- Each day, at every hour and every minute there is something new that occurs in the world, although one may not know something is happening. In the article “Latest News: Midterm Elections, Ebola Quarantines, World Series” the author Adeel Hassan provides the reader’s with new information about what is occurring in our country today. With the information provided one is able to be aware of what is occurring in the United States and our country. It is said that President Obama will campaign with Democrats mostly in close contests for governor, keeping away from Senate races. In addition, the second nurse who was found with Ebola is being released from the hospital. Several of the quarantines in the U.S. are determined state by state, and federal health officials are the only ones who can issue guidelines. As part of the world series, the San Francisco Giants look forward into confirming their third World Series title in five years. In the article, one is able to look at the things that are happening today, October 28, 2014.

  3. NASSIR (Mamadou Balde)

    Title:Latest news about Ebola.
    The Ebola virus is fatal in about 70 percent of patients in the current outbreak in West Africa, according to estimates from the World Health Organization. Since March, more 4,900 people have died, mostly in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Le one. More than 400 health care workers in West Africa have been infected with Ebola during this outbreak, and 233 had died as of Oct. 8.
    But while the number of deaths in West Africa continues to soar, people being treated in the U.S. are, in most cases, surviving.
    Of the nine people treated for Ebola in the U.S. so far, only one case has proven fatal. Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian man infected before he arrived in the U.S., died at a Dallas hospital on Oct. 8. In New York City, Dr. Craig Spencer is currently reported to be in serious but stable condition after being hospitalized last week. The other patients — mostly health care workers who contracted Ebola while caring for others — have all recovered.


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