Class Agenda #21 – Writing A Summary Paragraph

Opener – Summarize your weekend in 5 words (Hint- Can be sequitur).

Laptops- Seats- Regular Groups –  #4 “What’s Going On,” Marvin Gaye

  • Last Week we focused on filling out the Note Column in our Cornell Notes with quality notes..
  • We did this- *SLT– I can use Cornell Notes to effectively capture, evaluate and organize relevant information from a text.
  • Mini-Lesson-

SLT- I can use the summary space in my Cornell Notes to summarize how the ideas, themes or conclusions of a text are developed and connected.

  • Key verbs- summarize
  • Key nouns- ideas, themes, conclusions, text

So what does it mean to summarize something? – Spend 1 Minute Read-

A summary is condensed version of a larger reading.  A summary is not a rewrite of the original piece and does not have to be long nor should it be long. 

To write a summary, use your own words to express briefly  the main idea and relevant details of the piece you have read.   Your purpose in writing the summary is to give the basic ideas of the original reading.  What was it about and what did the author want to communicate? 

While reading the original work, take note of what or who is the focus and ask the usual questions that reporters use: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?  Using these questions to examine what you are reading can help you to write the summary. – Source

Discuss- 3 minutes

  • In pairs or 3’s
  • What is a summary?
  • What makes a quality summary?
  • Share- 1 minute

Here is an Example- Read Aloud

In the short story “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” author James Thurber humorously presents a character who fantasizes about himself as a hero enduring incredibly challenging circumstances. In his real life, Walter Mitty lives an ordinary, plain life; he is a husband under the control of an overbearing, critical wife.  Thurber uses lively dialogue to give readers an understanding of Mitty’s character. The story takes place over a period of about twenty minutes; during this brief time, Mitty drives his wife to the hairdresser and runs errands that his wife has given him while he waits for her. In between his worrying that he is not doing what she wants him to do, he daydreams about himself as a great surgeon, brilliant repair technician, expert marksman, and brave military captain. This story shows that fantasy is often a good alternative to reality.


  • What are some of the Qualities of this summary?
  • Can you find the 5 W’s?

Practice- In pairs or 3’s – 8 minutes

  • Review your notes from Chapter 1 of “The Case For Reparations”
  • Work together to write a summary paragraph on the bottom of your Cornell Notes
  • Share 1

Class Work-

Closing Circle – Based on today- Summarize your weekend.

Homework- Practice note taking by reading articles from the #validus. Work on Cornell Notes in your notebook.

NEW- Add the Summary at the end of your notes.

Bonus for the Brave- Summarize your article in the Comments section.


5 thoughts on “Class Agenda #21 – Writing A Summary Paragraph

  1. Emmanuel Candelario

    Summary of: “NYC will be using more energy:” If the temperature increases greatly in New York City, it will increase the chances of blackouts. If by 2040 a million more people will live in the city and a blackout happened, it would be worst than now because due to the amount of people, a lot of more energy will be missing. In that time period, appliances will be more efficient, but due to the amount of more blackouts expert’s are wondering where will be people be able to get all of the energy from.

  2. Machiami Kamara

    Summary of: ” The Only 8 Moves You Need To Be Fit”
    Staying fit as much as possible means doing as many exercises you can think of. In this article, in which they show 8 exercises that can help you be fit, tells us otherwise. The article written by Daniel Duane presents the classic-push up, overhead press, pull-up and chin up, row, squat, kettle bell swing, dead lift, and the walking lunge. The theory of being able to these moves at your home has not yet been discovered. For best results, the moves should be done at a local gym, since the gyms have the materials you will need to complete each move. Being fit means doing each move properly and it can be done at anytime of the day.

  3. Rosalva Rivera

    Title: “As Temperatures Climb, So Does The Risk Of Blackouts”

    Summary- The world has changed in many different ways over the course of the years. Some of the changes within Earth have been good and others have been bad. Daniel P. Tucker an associate producer of the WNYC News mentions that there would be a great climate change in the year of 2050. On October 12, 2014 Daniel P. Tucker writes that climate change will bring warmer summers, higher sea levels and more intense rain to New York City in the future. As temperatures rise, the demand for energy will also rise, especially during stronger, longer heat waves that would be more frequent in the future. In addition, the author also indicates the different possible solutions to make things better.

  4. Elibett Jimenez

    Summary-As Temperatures Climb, So Does the Risk of Blackout
    People in NYC are using more energy every single day. One estimate assumes we will need 40 percent more power just over the next 15 years. By 2040, the Department of City Planning is projecting that nearly a million more people will live in the city. This mean that if here in NY we continue consuming to much energy in 15 years the is going to affect us to much.

  5. Charles Crespo

    Article: The Design Thinking Behind London’s New $4B Subway Trains

    Summary: Margaret Rhodes is the author of the story. The trains are going to be replace in London. It is in London’s subway system. The year that would make changes of the train is around 2020. Paul Priestman wanted to come up something new that would let people get on and off the trains more quickly in the London Underground trains. To replace the trains, the gaps need to get rid of so the director at PriestmanGoode would improve with amazing upgrades like to cut down on delays, they would strengthen the communications system with flashing lights in order to warn traveler when doors open and close.


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