Class Agenda #17 – Looking at our next Investigation.

Opener (whip around)- If the US Government gave you $50,000, what’s the first thing you would buy with the money?


Mini-Lesson- Looking at the the Long and Short Term SLTs, and the Guiding Question for our next area of study.

  • What are the skills we’ll be learning in this investigation?
  • What is the content we’ll be learning?
  • Long Term SLT- I can develop an argument using relevant and sufficient evidence.
  • Guiding Questions:
    • Should the United States Government offer reparations to African American Citizens for atrocities committed in slavery, Jim Crow, “Separate but Equal,” and other systemic injustices?
    • What are Cornell Notes and how can learning to use them effectively prepare me for college?

Short Term SLTs- 

  • I can use Cornell Notes to effectively capture, evaluate and organize relevant information from a text.
  • I can use the cue column in my Cornell Notes to determine the central ideas, themes, or conclusions of a text.
  • I can use the summary space in my Cornell Notes to summarize how the ideas, themes, or conclusions of a text are developed and connected. (R2)

Gallery Walk- 

Directions- Walk to the posters around the room. Make a note of the following on a post-it or your own paper.

  • What are the verb phrases?
  • What are the noun phrases?
  • What are we learning about in this instigation?
  • What do we need to know? – what words concepts are we unsure of?

Debrief- Review on board.

Class Work- Class Agenda #17 – Done in your Notebook

1) Reflection- What do you think we’ll be learning about in this investigation? And how do you feel about what you think we’re learning about? If you’re disappointed, explain why. Excited? Explain why? Indifferent? Explain why?

2) Journal Entry- If the US Government gave you $50,000, what would you buy? What would your rationale be for the purchase? What would questions would you ask? Would you ask questions?  Should be at least 2 paragraphs.



  • React to one article from the #validus in your Notebook.
  • Finish your Journal Entry

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