Class Agenda #16- Common Vs. Proper Nouns

Opening Circle- One Anecdote from the Past 4 Days. 

Mini-Lesson- Capitalization

  • SLT- I can work through the writing process by planning, revising, editing, and rewriting. (W5)
  • I can proofread to make sure I’ve capitalized all of my proper nouns.

Common vs. Proper Nouns

All nouns are either a person, place, or thing. However, common nouns are more general. Examples of common nouns include:

  • car
  • city
  • hip hop artist
  • amusement park
  • cousin
  • holiday
  • bag
  • perfume

Proper nouns refer more specific people, places, and things. They are generally always capitalized. Examples of proper nouns that correspond to the common nouns above are:

  • Land Rover
  • The Bronx
  • Drake
  • Disney World
  • Josh
  • Halloween
  • North Face
  • Victoria’s Secret (ew…)

Let’s see if we can find the proper nouns to capitalize in this paragraph-

When i was in the grocery store one day, i saw some middle school student picking on the stores cat, being the overly attached animal lover that i am i went to the kids and told them “What did that cat do to you?, What gives you the right to abuse of it?”, and the kids left ashamed of their actions. Once I stood up to people who abuse animals, I hoped that they would evaluate their actions and change for the better. 

Class Work-

I’m still in the process of reading your essays. However, I have noticed that many of you are not capitalizing your proper nouns. You have 15 minutes to pull up your essay:

  • Make sure you’ve capitalized your proper nouns.
  • Make sure you’ve published it on our class page (only 54 kids have).


React to articles posted via the #validus on twitter or in your notebook.

15 Minutes- Work on our Group Juggle



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