Class Agenda #14- Refining our Essays, final review

[Opener]: Essay Check In- What’s something about your essay that you feel confident or proud of/about?

Please begin reading on your own (10 Min):

Mystery Text

  1. What are some vocabulary terms that you’re unsure of?
  2. For each section, try to form a question that you can ask yourself when the time comes.

Mini-Lesson- Final Tips to make sure your essay is effective. (10 min)

SLT-I can work through the writing process by planning, revising, editing, and rewriting

SLT-I can organize and develop my writing so that it is clear and appropriate for the task, purpose, and audience


Class Work- 

  • Review your essay with the lense of the questions for revision that we just create.
  • Look for examples of these tips, and comment on them when you see them
  • If you do not see examples of the tips, revise your essay.


  1. Essay is due Wednesday.

Homework II-

I’ll Tweet out starting in CLASS today.

React to at least one of the articles in the comment section of this blog (make sure you identify the article)


I can use technology to publish original work and responsibly collaborate with an online community. (W6)

19 thoughts on “Class Agenda #14- Refining our Essays, final review

  1. Katherine Guzman

    Article: “25+apps to make your everyday life easier.”
    If someone has to do many things per day I think this article would work for that person especially if he or she works in an office and has many appointments etc. Since, I just go to school everyday and not do much I really don’t find this interesting for me at this moment. However, some of these apps did interest me such as Dark Sky, Think Dirty and MeMail. I think this is helpful because if you are going outside the app Dark Sky will tell you the weather and if you are going to buy something think Dirty will tell you if it contains something damaging and MeMail it’s just an easier way to send yourself a quick email to remind you things.

  2. Rosalva Rivera

    Article: “25+ Apps to make your Everyday Life Easier”

    Most of the apps included on one’s phone are most likely used for social networking and others are just useful. According to the article, the apps listed can help the life of an individual be much easier. I would recommend most of the apps to those who have an important job that requires several tasks and to those who want their life to be easy. Personally, I would not use all the apps listed on the article. I would use only a few of the apps such as Mailbox, Camera360, and Dark sky. These apps are useful, they can make things much easier for a person. The app called Mailbox can help improved several emails that I send to others and also helps archive and trash mail. The Dark Sky app would help me know more about the weather conditions on a specific day. Camera360 helps the quality of a picture to be better than others. If an individual wants an easier life they should download and use most of the apps listed on the article.

  3. NASSIR (Mamadou Balde)

    Article;“25+ Apps to make your Everyday Life Easier”

    This app tells you exactly what’s in the personal care product you’re about to buy. You scan the bar-code, and it shares information about potentially harmful ingredients (and gives alternatives, if you want them). It’s useful for fact-checking label claims like “all-natural” and “organic, “It helps me make informed choices on products that I am bringing home.”“You scan your keys by taking a photo of them and then you have ‘digital copies.’” With the copy, you can get a key made for you at a Key-me kiosk (they currently have five in New York i think yes) or through the mail. Fingerprint scan is required.but this app is great for helping turn phones into arty photographs

  4. Giraliz Grullon

    Article: First IPhone 6 Drop Tests Showed Mixed Result. I read the article as well as saw the video that was provided. It was impressive that the leather case didn’t have as much protection than the silicone case. However, both phones 5s and 6 with the leather case did fall directly downwards as the iPhone 6 with the silicone flipped various times. But It supported the phone well. This can help people who has a iPhone select the right phone case for their iPhone.

  5. fatoumata

    Article: Apps to make your life Easier
    Apps are very useful and most of them are used for intreacting with other people. I would use some of the apps to make my life easier, however, one does not need some apps in their phone. If someone wants their life to be much easier, I would recommend you download those apps such as Dark Sky and Mailbox.

  6. Greicy Wong

    Article: First iPhone 6 Drop Test Shows Mixed Results

    After reading the small article and watching the video attached (First reaction :This is what white people do when they have too much money and are bored with their phones) , it made my theory in silicon cases more secure because i always believed it helped soften the impact of when your phone falls. It also helped me notice that Apple doesn’t really improve on their quality they just change the shapes of their phones to swindle people into believing that the product is “new and improved”. I was shocked to see that the iPhone 6 had just as much screen damage as the 5S with the same cases placed. I think to better this test however, the man should’ve dropped the three phones at waist level faced down to make for a more realistic test instead of from a 10 feet height which rarely ever happens, but then again , never trust a man who wears sandals outdoors.

  7. Michael D

    I Read 25+ apps to make your every day life easier, and I was mind blown by some of the apps. My favorite app would be the key app. Its so cool that you can take a picture of your key and if you loose it you just send the picture to the apps company and they will make a new one for you. They either mail it or you go and get it. This would be a great app for me because I constantly find myself loosing my keys and sometimes I don’t even have to have another key to make a copy of this way a picture would save me time and money I wouldn’t have to get a new lock.

  8. Charles Crespo

    Article: Hitting the NBA Paywall: Six Intriguing Extension Candidates
    Explanation: The Preseason for NBA is about to start next month and I’m hype that basketball season is going on live. There were a lot of NBA players that were free agents and they are set in different teams that they wish to show a lot of hardwork and teamwork with other players. Also, any player that are in their new team, want to earn championships, rings, and perhaps MVP awards if he is putting the most effort than anyone in his team. Most importantly, there would be players that would come back from injuries like Derrick Rose, who would definitely stay confident on his basketball skills. In addition, he won’t let injuries interfere with his A-game and craftsmanship when reaching to his destination, which is being in the NBA Final and win championships and rewards. In the season, it would show whether or not if any player stood the same level in playing basketball, improve himself as an star player, or his skills went down with no motivation of pushing himself to the limit. I can’t wait to find out how the NBA season would go and hopefully, it would be a blast and one heck of intense games for every team.

  9. Neftali Baseball

    Haunting Black-and-White Photos of ‘Bronx Boys’ Capture the Real New York

    The photographer is brilliant for being able to not only take pictures of the Bronx in the 1970’s but, also being able to take photos of it now. For one I think that it is good for those who live in the Bronx now because its shows how it was before. Also I think that it is good for those who are spoiled brats and haven’t seen the “hood” because it shows them that their are people out here who have it rough.

  10. Hawa Conteh

    25+ apps to ake your everyday life easier

    This article was basically about technology advancements that contain apps that will help make ones day more productive. Some of theses apps I never heard of, and wouldn’t have known what to use the for without this atricle. I will use some of these apps because if it makes my day easier then why not? overall this article is very informative, for those who have busy schedules or are not used to technolgy as much as I am.

  11. Machiami Kamara

    Article: Haunting Black-and-White Photos of ‘Bronx Boys’ Capture the Real New York
    The photographs that Stephen Shames captured displayed a whole new New York. You wouldn’t think New York to have poor places in the urban city, but the pictures Shames took proves it to be true. New York, just like any other place has a poor place and it seems to be the Bronx. It says in the article that Shames followed this group of young men from 1977 – 2000 through all corners of their lives, navigating poverty and drug addiction in beautifully personal, intimate photos about growing up in the city. I really appreciate Shames for doing all of this picture taking, because it can help one realize that there are people in the world that don’t have everything they want. That sometimes wanting something can get you killed.

  12. Veronica Alvarado

    Article: 25+ apps to make your everyday life easier , this article is great and really made me think how this could really make my life easier and everything was true and I totally agree with that article .

  13. Arianna Mendoza

    Article 25+ apps to make your everyday life easier
    Their are many different apps. They are very useful and most of them are used to interact with others or social networking. Their is a app for everything that you need . Apps can make ones life easier because if one ever needed to find anything out they can just look on a app and they would find it easier and faster.

  14. Emmanuel Candelario

    Iphone 6 Drop test

    I wish I had an iPhone 6 and these people are already dropping there phone. We’ll that’s to show us how fast can your iphone drop from different angles and data was shown. It was shown that the iPhone 6 plus can crack faster than the iPhone 6. I believe that it cracks faster because it’s weight and height. Even though the iPhones break easy I still wish I had it because every iPhone brings something different and that something difference is what I always want to have. I just don’t understand where these esters get the money to buy and iPhone just to shatter the screen but I thank them because it’s helping us.

  15. hilaryc16

    Article: “25+ apps to make your everyday life easier”

    If one has all these apps, then one will automatically will start to depend on the phone so much. Basically, one’s info/ life would be on the phone. Having all these app will help organize one. Life would be very easy if one downloaded all of these apps

  16. Eufranny Castillo

    Article: First Iphone 6 Drop Tests Show Mixed Results
    First off, I am not a huge fan of this article, just because of the idea of it. I don’t understand why people would drop an expensive phone on the floor. It is a waste of money. Secondly, if Apple is going to continue making phones that are overly priced, they should at least make them shatter-proof! Screen cracks are the only disadvantage of having an i phone.

  17. Erick Leon

    “25+ apps to make your everyday life easier”
    Apps are very useful because it makes your life easier. I would use some of the apps to make my life easier, however I don’t have a phone. If someone wants their life to be much easier, I would recommend you download those apps such as Dark Sky and Mailbox. One of my favorite apps would be the key app. You can take a picture of your keys and if you lose it you just send the picture to the apps company and they will make a new one for you.

  18. Marc Ramirez

    ‘F*ck It’ Reporter Who Quit on TV Has a Pretty Successful Indiegogo to Legalize Weed, when I first saw this video I laughed I nearly cried but I never asked myself what was the purpose behind her quitting. Now I understand why she did, when you have a strong belief about something you shouldn’t let anyone make you change your opinion. Although ones job provides the money that helps pay the bills it should make you contradict your mindset. As the CEO of a company she had people looking on as she talked good of marijuana even if she didn’t feel that way. She made the right choice even if the way she did it was controversial.

  19. TyrekeJ

    Article:25+apps to make your life easier

    The apps made for our daily lives is very useful as we progress in a more complicated world why not have things to make things easier for humanity. Some would consider that technology is controlling that we are so consumed in our phones and other electronics but in my opinion it’s better to be updated with lastest technology or at least know what it is and what it does for future references.


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