Class Agenda #12- Summative Anecdote Quiz

[Opener]: Circle Up, Group Juggle Level 1

SLT- I can improve my brain-function, hand-eye coordination and collaborative capacities through my involvement in The Group Juggle.

Level 1- All of the Objects make it back to the start.


  • Search templates for Anecdote Quiz
  • Make your own copy (this might already be done)
  • Share this copy with Boccheciamp and Stineman (for P. 8)


  • Get ahead by Creating a Folder in your Drive for this class.
  • Share that folder w/Boccheciamp and Stineman (for P. 8)
  • Put this quiz and your notebook in this folder. Your final This I Believe Essay will also be in this folder.

When you’re finished you can-

  • Work on your This I Believe Essay
  • Work on your notebook
  • Learn a few Twitter Hacks


  1. Now that you have the “This I Believe” Rubric, begin to revise your “This I Believe” Essay set by the popular vote of your peers.
  2. Ask yourself, “how does your essay stack up against the essays we’re reading in class?” Consider beginning your revision process.
  3. Bring a revised draft of your “This I Believe” Essay continue to revise your essay for Monday.

Supplemental- but strongly advised.

  1. From Friday-Monday, I will be posting several articles on twitter.
  2. React to at least one of the articles in a tweet.
  3. React to at least one of the articles in the comment section of this blog (make sure you identify the article)
  4. React to at least one of the articles in your notebook. Label it WEEKEND HW and put the date.


I can use technology to publish original work and responsibly collaborate with an online community. (W6)

19 thoughts on “Class Agenda #12- Summative Anecdote Quiz

  1. Charles Crespo

    Article: 8 Places That Are Pricier in Times Square Than the Rest of NYC
    Response: Time Square is famous street in Manhattan. Of course everything in this street are expensive because there are lot of tourists. Also, since that is the key for business owners to get profit, there would be a lot of new interesting stores, buildings, and designs that would catch everyone’s attention and it would actually make people feel like their favorite destination to be at. The craziest thing was that the items that people are looking forward to get and as their interest in stores like Walgreens and Footlocker, cost a lot unlike other streets that have cheap products in stores like Walgreens and Footlocker for each borough, which people like to buy as well. In addition, fast food restaurants like McDonald’s have it’s food expensive for tourists in Time Square unlike other locations for each borough. As for new years, forget about it, a bunch of people would be there to look at the ball drop and start their new resolution.

  2. Veronica Alvarado

    Article: 5 Inmates Escape from Madera County Jail Near Fresno, California
    That facility in California needs better security and more eyes watching the inmates because this happen more than once and now the people of that area have to sleep with one eye open because of what these inmates did. This is not is not safe for anyone these men are an dangerous and now its now in the polices hand to catch these men and put them away for life because their suppose be behind bars now roaming the streets like their free men.

  3. fatoumata

    Article: 5 Inmates escaped from Madera County Jail Near Fransco, California
    The County Jail needs to have more cops to watch people because a lot of the people are escaping from there. However, if one is in jail its because they have done something wrong or they harmed someone, so if they escaped, they might do something dangerous

  4. Rosalva Rivera

    Article: “8 Places That Are Pricier In Times Square Than the Rest of NYC”

    Times Square is a place in NYC where many individual’s visit. Many events take place in Times Square like New Years. It is a major commercial intersection and it is located in the middle of Manhattan. Many people take the time to visit Times Square and also many tourists visit Times Square. Th prices are really high because the owners of several stores know that many people visit the place and the owners earn more money by putting a store in Manhattan. Although the prices are extremely high in Times Square people still decide to visit.

  5. Katherine Guzman

    Article: ” See the effects of climate change side-by side images”
    Climate change is a big deal during this time. It’s effects are some catastrophical events. I believe us humans is what causes global warming which leads climate to vary.Our actions can lead to a continous climate change. Some of the events is glacier melting, wildfire and droughts. Glacier melting causes sea level to rise and wildfire burns the environment. These events can cause a huge devastation for the environment/community. People may lose their homes depending where they live and the death of people can increase.

  6. NASSIR (Mamadou Balde)

    Article: 8 Places That Are Pricier In Time Square Than The Rest of New York City.
    Some Places are Pricier in Times Square Than the Rest of NYC … As 50 million tourists flock to the heart of New York City each year, mega stores (mega means large) … but questions linger Turkish authorities say they have freed 49 hostages from … .It’s always a good time here – big drinks
    , Times Square energy, and the BISCUITS! An iconic institution known for its fast-food type seafood and dreamy buttermilk chive biscuits, Red Lobster always meets expectations.

    This place is always packed because of the local crowd, so you can expect to take a number at the door. But once you’re in, what you get is big flavors and big personalities.
    The food is not exactly executed as food should, but then again, that’s not why you’re here. So, sit back, order a big drink, chow down on some awesome biscuits, eat some seafood, and have a good time.
    Mega stores and big-name chain restaurants in the area have no problem inflating their rates.

  7. esmeraldal16

    “The population of internet on one map”

    This map shows the population in a place that use internet. It was surprising to see how places with low populations had 80+% while places that had a larger population could have as low as 10-15%. It was suprizing because I would think that places with more people need a quick and reliable source, that can send information an communicate more than a place with less people. It is also understandable because places like Africa that are poor, can’t really afford it, and internet isn’t a necessary thing. My overall opinion and reaction to this article was that it was suprized at the percentages, but, they were reasonable because of access and economy.

  8. Fatou Gakougo

    Repeat of 1821 Storm : Wow that’s very shocking. America should always be prepared for natural disasters such as hurricanes. Also families should pretext one another. Expecially since people can live and homes can be lost. If the outcome of an hurricane is people losing homes and deaths, we as human beings should always help one another.

  9. Giraliz Grullon

    The article about escaping jail is interesting because a jail is suppose to have a lot of protection to avoid someone escaping. So it means that there should be more security iniside the jail as well be more alert.

  10. hilaryc16

    Article 8: ” Places that are pricier in Times Square than the rest of NYC”

    Manhattan is known as the “Great Apple” because it’s where many individuals go to, to explore, and see what New York has for them. Times square is one of the streets that everything is expensive. The people who work in different companies and stores take advantage and raise up prices in Times Square because they know that many many people are there and that they would still keep coming.

  11. Michael D

    I read the article: New Resident Evil Tries to Finally Bring Back the Horror, and the games actually sound better then the movies. I saw all the films of Resident Evil but I never took the chance to ever try out the game. I never tried the game because I never really had a game station in the first place. The thought of being able to control the Resident Evil world sounds really cool and I can’t wait to try it.

  12. Bernice M. Boateng

    Was really surprised when I was reading the article about how the inmates escaped . Jail is suppose to Maxium security so that the criminals cannot escape but I guess that’s not 100% true .

  13. Emmanuel Candelario

    Worst weather that can happen

    It would be terrifying of a storm like that happenws now bwcaus it would affect us more than it affected people in 1821. If the storm hits us now it would so more damage because sea levels are higher. All the things we are doing in civilization is causing that. Many more people will die because many more people live closer to the water now. Hopefully a storm like that does not come any time soon.

  14. rosangel polanco

    Article: ” 8 places that are pricier in Times Square than the rest of NYC ”
    Times square is one of the most famous places in NYC , its always full of people and tourist. Its a really fun and beautiful place to go to because of all the lights and the attractions. Most of the sellers or store owners tend to bring up the prices because they would end up getting more money.So that should be a reason why prices are higher.

  15. Machiami Kamara

    Article: What’s it like to be a female gamer
    I have to give props to Lilian Chen. As a female in the gaming world, it must be hard to not be stereotyped. All my life I thought gaming were for males and males only. The whole gaming system was made specifically for males. Or so I thought. After reading this article, I realized that just because you’re a girl doesn’t meant you can’t do what boys do. Like theysay we are all equal. I guess we are after all.

  16. Eufranny Castillo

    Article: Taxi Drivers Get Sticker Reminding Them to Yield to Pedestrians

    The thought of giving these taxi drivers these stickers as a reminder to yield to pedestrians is good. However, I doubt anything will change. In New York City, there is alot of crazy taxi drivers. As a witness, I’ve seen taxi drivers almost run people over just to pass that upcoming red light. I don’t think a sticker is needed for reminder, it should be something natural.

  17. Erick Leon

    “Inmates escaped from Madera County Jail Near Fransco, California”
    Jail needs to have more cops to watch people. A lot of the people somehow escape from jail which means their security system should be more stronger than how it is. If someone is in jail, they know they have done something wrong or they harmed someone. In addition, escaping will make it worse and then cause another problem or tried to hide to not get back in prison.


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