Class Agenda #10- This I Believe – Finalizing our Rubric

Opening Circle-

Prove that you are fundamentally Good or Evil Person with a short anecdote.


First Notebook Check:

  • Reverse Chronological Order (look up the term if you’re unsure)
  • Class Agendas 5, 7, 9 and 10 thoughtfully completed

Context and Anecdote Quiz on Friday. Be prepared to spot anecdotes in This I Believe Essays.

Mini-Lesson – I can elaborate in my writing by intermixing context and anecdote.

This I Believe Final Draft due Wednesday, 9/24/2014 by 2:40

Mini-Lesson Finalizing our Rubric-

SLT-I can use technology to publish original work and responsibly collaborate with an online community. (W6)

4 Options-

  • I have use my time wisely on writing an essay.
  • You have to complete the work on the computer and submitted to an online community
  • Demonstrates ownership and craftsmanship of work displaying the character traits upon writing to show comprehension in understanding the task.
  • Essay is submitted to This I Believe website and published on class website.
  • Work is published in computer and it is collaborated !!
  • Essay is typed with correct font and size with proper grammar and punctuation and proper paragraphs.

SLT-I can elaborate in my own writing by intermixing context and anecdote in my personal essays

4 Options-

  • My essay is clear on what is the anecdote and what is the context and I can elaborate on my story.
  • Has more than two anecdotes in their essay, and explain in depth.
  • Person intermixes context and anecdote and elaborates.
  • Essay successfully uses anecdotes to demonstrate a point, and context to clearly explain “this I believe” and rationale.
  • Writing has both contexts and anecdotes.

SLT-I can work through the writing process by planning, revising, editing, and rewriting.  (W5)

4 Options-

  • There are no grammatical errors. No spelling errors, draft and revision piece has been provided.
  • Student rewrites his/her essay and makes revisements multiple times.
  • Evidence of the writing process was clear. Person planned and revised before publishing.
  • Essay has a first draft, evidence of revision over several drafts, and a publishable final draft
  • Essay is revised and edited until it is perfect.
  • Writing has correct grammar. Reader is able to understand and it is organized and well written.

SLT-I can organize and develop my writing so that it is clear and appropriate for the task, purpose, and audience. (W4)

4 Options-

  • A story is present with events that explain the author’s beliefs. The authors message is clear and appropriate.
  • Essay looks like all of the other This I Believe essays that we looked at. Basically it has 500-600 words spread out over about 7 paragraphs.
  • Student meets the required learning target fully. Writing is clear and appropriate for the task.
  • Essay shows organization. The essay flows throughout. The ideas were organized and appropriate for the task.
  • Essay is easy to understand. Captures the reader’s attention and stays in task.

Classwork- Something current will be tweeted out. Read and respond to it via twitter.

Classwork/Homework- We’ll have class time tomorrow to work on your essay.

  1. Make sure your notebook is in good shape.
  2. Ask yourself, “how does your essay stack up against the essays we’re reading in class?” Consider beginning your revision process.
  3. In The Comment Section- Write if you’re a fundamentally good person or bad person, and support yourself with a short anecdote.



  1. One ore more articles will come from me AFTER 240 PM, via the #validus
  2. React to at least one of the articles in a tweet.


I can use technology to publish original work and responsibly collaborate with an online community. (W6)

38 thoughts on “Class Agenda #10- This I Believe – Finalizing our Rubric

  1. fatoumata

    I am fundamentally a good person, because I am not a bad person. For example, over the summer, I saw homeless people asking for change around 167. So one day, I was walking by with my friends, then I saw a homeless guy asking if we can spare some change. Since I had $5, I gave it to him, because it’s good to help out people.

  2. Joshua Torres

    I believe I’m a fundamentally good person. When I was 12 years old,i was going downstairs to the

    park then i saw this old woman that was lost in my building and help her locate a person she was

    looking for. it took awhile but i felt good helping her.

  3. ariagna reyes

    I remember one day I was crossing the Grand Concourse street and there was a old women trying to cross but she couldn’t walk fast. The light was about to change and I felt bad so I went to the old women and helped her cross the street. She was so happy and I felt happy because she reminded me of my great grandmother. She told me “thank you sweetheart” and continued walking down the hill. I believe I’m fundamentally a good person.

  4. Katherine Guzman

    I am a fundamentally good person. One day I was going to my cousin’s house in the bus, then an old lady walked inside and no one gave her the seat. So, since I am so kind I stood up and told her to have a seat. She said ” thank you” and I felt happy with myself.

  5. Kaylie Morales

    One day I had went to Build-on and the service project was ” Meels on wheels ” and I said to myself ” I’m not talking to anybody and I’m not knocking on people’s doors to give them food ” but after I did it I wanted to continue because I liked the feeling of bringing happiness and joy. So I believe I am a fundamentally good person

  6. Rosalva Rivera

    On a Saturday evening I was on my way to the park. I remember it was a sunny bright day and so there I was on my way to the park. As I was walking, there was a little kid on his bike but he suddenly fell off his bike. I walked towards him and helped him up, I asked him if he was alright. I believe I am a fundamentally a good person because even though I didn’t know the little kid I helped him get up.

  7. Emmanuel Candelario

    I can prove that I am a fundamental nice person because there was this time that I was hicking I’m Wyoming and a girl names Gia couldn’t carry her bag. Gia was walking slow and telling me to help her, so me and like grabbed Gia’s pack and hiked up a mountain with Gia’s pack on so we can make it up faster and so she can rest.

  8. Michael D

    I’m a bad person because I put spicy pepper juice in my brothers water bottle and when he drank it he almost chocked because it was so hot. I did it because he didn’t want to let me watch T.V.

  9. Faith Ruiz

    I am a fundamental good person because I enjoy helping other people for example, multiple times with BuildOn I have delivered food and spent time with the elderly since some can’t make their own food and just spend time with them because sometimes we might be the only person that goes to see them that day or even that week, I like helping other people.

  10. Amelia Ingram

    I am a fundamentally good person.I remember one day when I was walking down the block on 125th street and I came across this man in a wheel chair who had no legs and he was asking for money. So I reached in my wallet and pulled out my money and gave him all that I had to spare and offer and I told him to enjoy the rest of his day.

  11. Giraliz Grullon

    I am fundamentally a good person because one of my friends was crying and I started to talk to her and make her smile. It showed that I cared.

  12. Johana Molina

    It was this day I was on the bus, so this lady she looked around her 50s. So she got on the bus, so when she was walking to go sit down. She fell down on her front, I reacted like what I’m going to do. I went to help her get up and her stuff was on the floor. I picked it up, afterwards she said thank you. And I noticed that people was laughing and it wasn’t funny because they wouldn’t want to be in the same situation.

  13. Charles Crespo

    I am fundamentally a good person because one time, my aunt wanted me to help her son with math since she knows that I have awesome math skills. I actually agree on helping my cousin out because he was like a brother to me and he seriously needed my help. When I started explaining my cousin about math, he actually understood the skills that I showed him in order to solve different math problems. He and his mom appreciated my support and I was proud to help him out. The other day, my cousin told me that he passed his math test with a high score, which he and my aunt thanked me again for helping him out. Also, I was excited for him to get a brilliant score since he was learning from my techniques in math.

  14. Angelique

    I am a fundamentally bade person because when i was going down to class once i seen my friend fall down and i was laughing. It was like he had tripped on his own feet but it was so funny that i couldn’t even help him get up. I was going to but then i was like I’m not going to cause i couldn’t stop laughing it was too funny.

  15. Machiami Kamara

    I am fundamentally a good person, I mean why shouldn’t I be. I was raised in a household where respect is the number one priority. The teachings of respect were taught to me since I was able to talk for the first time. I remember when my first curse word was said like it was yesterday. It was sunny and very humid. Being the 3 year old I was, I picked up this word from my older cousins. ” Hey Mashami, how are you?” “Leave me alone blitch!”. The shocked faces of my whole family was worrying as I tried to figure out what I did wrong. The spanking I got after everyone left my house from the baby shower gave me the answer.

  16. Nelson Nunez

    I think that i am a fundamentally bad person because one day i was bothering my cousins for fun and it ended up to me beating them up and they got hurt because i thought that it was a funny thing to do to entertain myself.

  17. Yasmin Amin

    I know that I am a fundamentally good person ,Because one time me and my friends went camping during this school camping trip, Everyone had to take turns in watching everybody else and my turn was from 12o’clock to 3am alongside two of my friends , they said they were sleepy so I “voluntarily” told them to sleep and watched over everybody else on my own till 4am!!! even though I had sleep in my eyes I sacrificed my sleep for their rest!

  18. Fatou Gakou

    I am a fundamentally good person. I am very kind and caring. One time, there was this blind man in the street who was playing music. I felt sad abf gave him a dollar. I felt good after that. Also I always make people laugh and smile .

  19. Veronica Alvarado

    I’m a fundementally good person because one day I was walking home from shopping and I was drinking a bottle of water and it was during the summer so a man who was poor was sitting on the floor sweating like crazy and he looked at me and I felt so bad so I asked him if he was thirsty and he said yes sweetie so I gave him my bottle of water even though I was hot and thirsty I gave him my water because he needed it more than me.

  20. Hope Ruiz

    I am fundamentally a good person. A friend of mine was in need of some furniture, so we began looking online for her and we found a few things; we then went out our way to go pick them up for her.

  21. Marieya Jawara

    I am a fundamentally evil person. I remember one day on a spring day in Atlanta, my brothers and I were waiting for my mother to come pick us up from Arabic school. Then all of a sudden my brother who is two years younger then me started teasing me so I warned him to stop and he didn’t so I grabbed the closet object next to me, a rock. Long story short he ended up bleeding.

  22. Bernice M. Boateng

    I believe I am fundamentally nice . One day on my way to work I saw a homeless man sleeping at the 149th street train station . He didn’t look so good and was begging for something to eat . I had food with me but I was hungry also , but I ended up just giving my food to the poor guy cause his health was in more critical condition than mine.

  23. Hawa Conteh

    I am a fundamentally good person. When I was in middle school I remember helping students out in social studies out with their work, and I always seemed to forget to do mines. I failed the class, and I didn’t get a thank from anyone but, whatever

  24. Elly

    I consider my self a fundamentally good person because I love to help others such as I went over the summer to Africa , Malawi to build a school for kids that needed it. I did not just went to build a school but to know their culture. At the day we left the village I left everything(clothes, sneakers,bag,ect..)I brought. I decided leave it to my host family and it wasn’t because I felt bad , I knew it was right .

  25. Rosangel Polanco

    I am a fundamentally good person because yesterday one of my very close friends was going to a serious problem and I’ve been and still am trying to help her get through it. I care about all of my friends and would do anything to make them happy

  26. Ishatou Drame

    I am fundalmentally a good person because honestly everytime I see a poor / homeless person in the streets I try my best to give them what I have. I also keep them in my prayers for best wishes 🙏

  27. Catherine Larbi 👑🐝

    I’m a fundamentally bad person with good intentions because I can be blunt . One time some of the girls was getting dolled up for some ceremony and I walk into the bathroom and stopped to tell a girll she looks dead without makeup and then I walked out .

  28. hilaryc16

    I consider myself a good person because one day I went to church and I overheard someone say that an elder needed help dressing them up and crossing the streets and I volunteered to do it. I actually went dressed her up, and walked her cross the streets carefully.

  29. sashay erazo

    I’m a fundamentally good person because I help others. I remember when I was doing a service project with BuildOn and I was doing meals on heels and when I was delivering to this old lady she had fallen 3 days prior and I was knocking a long time even though my partner thought we should leave and I ended up saving her.

  30. Erick Leon

    I’m a fundamentally good person because one day I helped an old lady cross the street. She needed help and i walked her to the other side and made her day. She looked pretty crippled but i volunteered to help anyone.

  31. Eufranny Castillo

    I am a fundamentally good person because over the summer in Minnesota, we were portaging and this kid who was my partner was carrying the boat. He was the weakest in the group and no one really pushed him to do better. When it was my turn to be his partner, He would always want to give up. I would always be behind him saying “Come on Kevin!! You can do this, five steps further!” , and surprisingly he always made it to the end of the portage. I kept him motivated even though he was frustrated with himself!!

  32. Arianna Mendoza

    I am fundamentally a good person because I gave a homeless person and her dog a chicken sandwhich from the store that my grandmothers friend owns and ever since that day the women comes to the store to eat with her dog.

  33. El Freddy

    I am a fundamentally good person because i was asked for food by a young individual and i noticed he barely had clothes so i gave the person some food and a few clothes.

  34. Amadu

    I am funadamentally a good person because there was thus time when I was playing soccer and somebody kicked me on my shin, instead of retaliating against them I decided to forgive them from the bottom of my heart.

  35. alexandermelo717

    I am a fundamentally an evil person because i like taking candy from children. Its just a fun thing to do watching them suffer and cry.

  36. Melisa Owusu

    I think I am a good person because once when I was at the super market, a lady dropped her purse. When I opened it, it had a lot of money in it. So I ran after, for like a block or two and gave it back to her

  37. TyrekeJ

    I am fundamentally a good person because of my compassionate, cheerful and empathetic attitude I brought positive energy to most around me.and middle school a girl in my class or get made fun of him but I talk to her and became her friend when no one else did


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