Class Agenda #6- This I Believe – Context V. Anecdote

Opener- Circle around the room. – Our long term homework has been to create a list of some personal beliefs.

  • Whip around with Boccheciamp saying Names
  • Visual representation of using technology as your base learning tool.
  • Stats- Grade wide 37 kids did the bonus HW
  • 78 Students created Notebooks and got started. 8 created folders (not a bad idea)
  • 37 students tweeted last night.

Opening Reading- 

“Josh, I say this with all the love I can possibly find in my heart, Your an idiot.” Mrs. Melendez-Prentice
  • What do you notice about this statement?
  • Can we get it right?


Mini-Lesson –


  • I can distinguish context and anecdote in a personal essay.
  • I can elaborate in my own writing by intermixing context and anecdote in my personal essays


  • Context – The words used with an idea to explain its meaning.
  • Anecdote- a short and amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person.

Let’s see if we can identify context and anecdote in the This I Believe Essays – “Being Content with Myself”

Class Work- Agenda #6, 9/11

Check in- Pull some notebooks up on the board.


Return to your work from Class Agenda #5.

For each Belief that you wrote, add a short anecdote to help elaborate on your thinking.


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