Class Agenda #5- This I Believe –

SLT- I can persevere through difficult tasks

Opener- Circle around the room. – Our long term homework has been to create a list of some personal beliefs.

  • Whip around with Boccheciamp saying Names
  • Share 1 belief in our circle


  • 2 Seconds of Silence for Consent with the norms
  • PLEASE SPEAK UP if you’re not with it.

Opening Reading- 


  • Be Respectful using One Mic when applicable and by being open minded to learning new things and other perspectives.
  • Don’t Give Up-
  • Be prepared to support your opinions with evidence or rational.
  • Find a balance between the fun parts of school and the necessary parts of school
  • Teacher Varies Teaching Style- Craftsmanship
  • Working at your own pace ON INDIVIDUAL WORK and adjust your pace for group work
  • Be Prepared-

P- 4

  • Have Respect for Others- Compassion
  • Find a balance between the fun parts of school and the necessary parts of school
  • Leave no trace in your classroom.
  • Be open minded to learning new things and other perspectives
  • Push yourself through difficult tasks


  • – One Mic- Compassion-
  • – No judging – Respect Peers- Compassion
  • Teacher varies teaching style and is energetic – Perspective
  • Leave no trace – responsibility
  • Staying on Task- responsibility
  • Participate in your own way.


  • Computer Norms-Nonnegotiable:
  • Hold your computer with two hands
  • Put the screen down if your are asked. We’ll say “Laptop Norms” when that has to happen.
  • Once you pick a computer it is yours for the time. Same computer everyday.

Class Work-

  • Send me a Formal E-mail that shares the number of the computer you’ll be working with this semester. (Model a Formal E-mail -what should it look like? Formal vs. Informal)
  • Open your Class Website to this page.
  • Create a “digital notebook” in your Validus Google Drive.
  • Share with Mr. Boccheciamp and Stineman


  • Write the Date, and Class Agenda # 
  • For your first writing task, create a list of strong personal beliefs that you have.
  • For each belief, write 2-3 sentences about why you feel strongly about this.


  • I can persevere through difficult tasks
  • I can support my arguments using relevant and sufficient evidence



  1. Follow this class blog.
  2. Set up a school-worthy twitter account. If you already have a personal one, consider if it’s something that you want to use in school.
  3. Follow @ELsocialguy, @brainpickings, @mashable, @thisibelieveinc
  4. Tweet @elsocialguy when done. #Validus
  5. Finish your Classwork in your notebook

Bonus- A good idea for students aiming for a 3 or higher in this course.


45 thoughts on “Class Agenda #5- This I Believe –

  1. Greicy

    “Your dream must be bigger than your fear” is a quote that highly relates to me. Most times , although i am passionate in certain things i am scared to jump into them because of fear that i will fail or not succeed in my goal.

  2. sasha k erazo

    After reading the story about the girl who was scared of singing in front of people but she had a talent for it It makes me think that even if you have fear about something you shoudnt let it overcome you to not letting you not complete your goals/dream instead you should prevail through it and like in the fortune cookie stated, “Your Dream Must Be Bigger Than Your Fear”

  3. Josue manzanares

    After reading that story in which the toung girl was afraid to show her talent, evendo she was a great singer relates to me because evendo i love specific things im afraid to be wrong and to be juged abaute my mistake

  4. Joshua Torres

    The title says it all. this person love to sing but keeps getting this fear of singing in front of people
    this person can’t overcome and feels like this person can’t do what he/she loves to do But their passion of singing overcome those fears and do what they love to do. This can be related to other people who have something they love to do but can’t overcome their fears.

  5. fatoumata

    According to the reading “your dream must be bigger than your fear,” the girl had a talent but she was scared to sing in front of people, even her family. However, if you want to accomplish something, don’t let the fear overcome you. One should overcome their fear so they will be able to achieve or accomplish their goals or dreams.

  6. Denise

    This article I can relate to because I had stage fright and I started crying one day when I was on stage and I ran off the stage , I like this article cause it makes me feel like I’m not alone

  7. Katherine Guzman

    ” Your dream must be bigger than your fear ”
    I agree with the girl’s argument which is to not let your fear take you down from reaching your goals. One should be very persistent in accomplishing one’s dream. Many opportunities are shown up to to lead you and to push you to succeed by accomplishing your goals and with the people should take advantage of it just like what the girl did. The quote ” Your dream must be bigger than your fear” states that one should overcome that fear that has been pulling you away from your dream and make that dream come true. Nothing should retain one in reaching what one wants to do or what one wants to be.

  8. Ariagna Reyes

    In order to be successful in life, one should overcome their fears and never settle for less. In the story ” Your dreams must be bigger than fear” I think that the note from the fortune cookie, really inspired her and helped her overcome her stage fright. She wasn’t comfortable singing in front of people not even her family. Until a teacher who organized music from mass told her to sing in front of the school. She was frighten but she overcame it. After that she had more opportunities to sing in front of people. She was still scared but remembered the fortune cookie that said ” Your dreams must be bigger than your fears” Meaning that if you want to follow your dreams, your fear shouldn’t come in the way of your success.

  9. Fatou Gakou

    “Your dream must be bigger than your fear”
    I really loved this story. The girl really feared singing in front of audience. She throught she couldn’t do it but then found out that she could. Even though you are cared, singing is something she wanted to do in the future, something she dreamed of. She got out of her fear and her dream was more bigger than that fear she had. Even if she feared alot, her dream is something she can do for a life time. Never give up, follow your dreams, and do not fear.

  10. Katherine Rodriguez

    In the article “your dream must be bigger then your Fear” it talks about a guy who was afraid to do what he loved. Even though it frightened him to do it in front of anyone, he had to learn how to overcome his fear. That’s why it’s titled your dream must be bigger then your fears, because if you really want to do something, you’ll do anything it takes to get to it.

  11. Denzel

    My reaction of the essay had me thinking because I as well have dreams however my fears are holding me back so I’m going to take this in to consideration and hopefully it can help me overcome my fears

  12. Kaylie Morales

    In this article a guy is afraid to preform his passion which is singing, he was terrified to the point where he was sick to his stomach. I like this article because it not only shows that success comes with failure but also that everyone needs help at a point , which is true because everybody needs an extra push at a point to be on the stairs of success.

  13. Charles Crespo

    This reading “Your Dream Must Be Bigger Than Your Fear,” brought a great point. According to the story, “The girl loves to sing and at first she was being shy because she wasn’t able to sing in front of her family and people. Then, she started to build up her confidence of singing in her performance by remembering a quote in her fortune cookie, which was “Your Dream Must Be Bigger Than Your Fear.” To overcome your fear, you must fight against it and be who you are. You must stand strong when having a special ability in your heart. If I want to reach far from now to the future, then I would try to improve my skills and then test them in reality because that’s how I know if I have high expectation or if there is something that is missing, depending on how I did. If I was missing something, then I would take a helpful advice from any experts or my parents because those are the people that I would trust and would lead me on the right track. Also, they would have faith in me with strong beliefs when I’m focusing on accomplishing my goals no matter what.

  14. Faith Ruiz

    In this article the girl was afraid of dream. She was afraid of what she wanted to do most, sing. The point that she was trying to make is that she should have never let her fear scare away her dreams because once she stood up to that fear she saw that it wasn’t so bad singing in front of an audience. In the article she says that she still gets nervous once in a while but in the end she always feels better because she knows that she stood up to her fear because your fears should never be bigger than your dreams.

  15. Michael D

    After reading this wonderful motivating essay I was really stunned how the character was doing something she was terrified about ever doing. She was scared to sing in front of people, like it made her sick thats how serious it was and the fact that she still pushed towards it and others pushed her to do it she really became better at realizing that sometime certain concepts people have to handle in life are not that complicated. This really makes me think about my dreams and fears. I have a dream to become an actor but how can I do that when I cant even act in front of my family its something this story has made me really think about. It is a big dream and a big fear too, but its something I want to accomplish and if she was able to do it then so can I.

  16. Angelique

    I read your dream must be bigger than your fear and I agree with the story because I love to play basketball but I can’t do it in front of my mother. Yet every time I tell my self don’t think about it I still do. But I leaner not to think about her and just play the game and I did. It felt great to over come fear of letting her come but I told her no more coming to see me play.

  17. Melisa Owusu

    Wow, the story is a real mood lifter.It motivates and brings hope to people who read it. I got a warm feeling reading the story and I am really glad that it turned out for the best for Lily and she was able to reach her dreams. I hope when I have a despairing moment like she did, a miracle will happen and probably get a happy ending like Lily did

  18. Elibet

    I really agree the your dream must be bigger than your fear because Sometimes you think that you can’t do it but is not true because if you dreamed you can do it is only that sometime you are fear that someone see you or something like that but in my opinion what I have to say is the that if you dreamed you can do it.

  19. Giraliz Grullon

    After reading the story “Your dreams must be bigger than your fear” it really made me up a little more to what I may believe in. This story probably helped out other people and/or students that did not or does not feel confidence within themselves. A dream is what many of us have and sometimes is a struggle for one to accomplish what they may want to be or do because of confidences. If someone knows what they want in life, don’t be afraid to say you made it. Don’t be afraid to step out your comfort zone because the more one step out , the more opportunities are handed. However, I really like this story and it can inspire so many people to do what they love & dream about.

  20. Nelson

    After reading the story “Your dreams must be bigger than your fear” i thought about it because if your fear is bigger than your dream you are never going to accomplish your dream, but if you have more confidence and don’t let the fear take over your dream you are going to keep pursuing after it no matter what because you are not going to be scared of the out come that what i think this story is about and the quote “Your dream must be bigger than your fear” i agree with it because it really has to be bigger for a person to achieve or reach their dream.

  21. rosangel polanco

    After reading the story ” Your dreams must be bigger than your fear” I really thought about that quote because it something that is very true. Nothing should beat your dreams because that’s all you strive for. One should start from the bottom to reach the top. So i had a really good reaction from this essay i thought it was a story that should influence many people and people should always achieve their dreams no matter what.

  22. Machiami Kamara

    After reading the article, ” Your Dreams Are Bigger Than Your Fear”, I realized that because of fear dreams can sometimes become distant. The passion one has for a particular thing will remain the same however fear seems to block dreams from coming true. Fearing to accomplish your dream is a challenge and one must look for courage and braveness to overcome that challenge. This article is a motivational article. It shows that when your’e motivated enough to not let fear take over your dreams, it is possible that those dreams will come true.

  23. Rosalva Rivera

    “Your Dream Must Be Bigger Than Your Fear”

    One should not let their fear overcome their dreams and their future plans. If a person really wants something in life they should go for it, fight for what they want in life. Overcoming your fears is a way into accomplishing your dreams. A person should take advantage of the opportunities that are given in life, is it a better way into success. I agree with the author of this writing. One should not let their fear conquer their dreams. An individual’s dreams should be bigger than their fear and once they defeat their fear they can be able to accomplish their dream. An example of this would be the author of this essay who defeated her fear of stage fright who then was given multiple opportunities for what she enjoyed doing which was singing. One should never give up on what they want in life.

  24. Veronica Alvarado

    After reading the essay “Your dreams must be bigger than your fear” my reaction to it is it’s true your dream should be bigger than your fear because when u fear something or fear about doing something then your dreams can’t come true because your fear is holding you back from making your dreams come a reality. Don’t let your fear get the best of you.

  25. Savitree Loknath

    “Your dream must be bigger than your fear”
    What this is telling me is that in order to accomplish something in life one would need to over come the fears that is blocking their way. As of the girl in the story, she was afraid of singing in front of other people. One shouldn’t take advantage of this. But by following yours dreams one would to get their fears out of the way mostly because this will be blocking them of doing something bigger.

  26. Emmanuel Candelario

    Story- your dream must be bigger than your fear

    Fear is hard to overcome but it is possible to do it. Any quote given that touches you in the heart can be remembered forever. That boy that was afraid of singing in front of his family is now singing in front of twice the people in his school. That is pretty impressive because what motivated him was the quote that he read in the fortune cookie. That fortune cookie affected his whole life because that made him reach his dream. The strength that the cookie gave him to overcome his dream was huge. The magic is not the fortune cookie the magic is the quote, the quote have the boy faith for him to use. The boys faith made his fear go away. Dreams are always suppose to be bigger than fears because a dream can take you far places and fear can take you no where. Every fear is overcomes but one overcomes it faster than others.

  27. Melissa Chalas

    “Your dream must be bigger than your fear”
    Fear is an exceedingly powerful emotion, it can stop one from achieving both their goals and ambitions if the fear is big enough. People experience the feeling of fear at one point during their lives, and given the situation it can really make or break an important milestone in their life. After reading the article “Your dream must be bigger than your fear” I realized the motivation behind this message. If one were to live their life everyday in fear, they would have never truly lived. Yes, the unknown can be very scary, however that should not stop one from trying new things or achieving their dreams, and that is exactly what this person in the article did. Although she had a huge fear of singing in front of people, she did not let that stop her from of dream of becoming a singer, and eventually overcame it.

  28. Bernice Boateng

    Reading this story was amazing . I couldn’t wait to get to the end so I can see what her fortune cookie told her . This story reminds me of one of my beliefs , belief in believing in yourself and self confidence . This story should be able to help a person who also suffers from that type of anxiety also .

  29. alexandermelo717

    Your dreams should be bigger than your fear. You should never fear what makes you the better person in the future. Like in the excerpt I just read about the girl and her singing , if she never would’ve faced her fear her dream would’ve never been accomplished. What I learned from this small reading is that never let fear get in the way of your dream.

  30. Elly Martinez

    This essay just brings inspiration to anyone , I really think that you shouldn’t doubt in your self because if one has talent theirs many open opportunities out there.If one believes they could dot it with fear ,some day that fear will not be their any more.Dreaming big can change anyone’s life ,like in the essay the young girl was sick and had butterflies in her stomach ,she kept going .She never gave up and tried because of her motivation she believe in .

  31. Hawa Conteh

    After reading the brief story I thought about what we talked about in class. This story is about finding the courage to be yourself which many people believe is the way to succeed. I feel that not alot of individuals would stand up to their fears, and rather hide them from the world. If one learned to overcome their fears it will allow them to reach their dreams faster, and more smoothly. Dreams are a beacon of hope for those who are silent, and afraid.

  32. Eufranny Castillo

    “Your dream must be bigger than your fear”
    Fear is an emotion in which can deprive people from doing things they really want to do. Feaf is a feeling that comes from being outside ones comfort zone. Coming out of a comfort zone is difficult. It puts a person in a posiftion to where they don’t know they outcome of what they are about to do. Fear is something that people should ignore. Being fearful of certain things especially a dream is not living. A persons dreams shouldn’t be crushed because of the feeling of fear. In the case of fear interferring with a persons dreams, people should look at it as a challenge. A challenge with themself in order to overcome a feeling that may be just temporary.

  33. Jackie (Afrikan Queen)

    Your Dream Must Be Bigger Than Your Fear
    The author was put in a situation were she had to do what she has always been shy of doing. Reading this I thought of this quote “Let your dreams bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words, and your faith stronger than your feelings.” It is something I keep close in my mind and when tough times comes I think about it. A lot of people shut their dream because of their fears. They allow the fear to overcome them and what this girl and her teachers did to help was great. You never know where your dream could take you life.

  34. Mosses

    After reading this arrival I felt like the quote “your dream must be bigger than your fears” open my eyes for an instinct and constituted me to realise that if your letting your fears get in the way of what you want to become in the future than that wasn’t your dream in the first place. The only person that can stop you from achieving your dream is you. Fears come and go and it’s only in the mind is where they come from. Never giving up is the motto.

    1. hilaryc16

      Wow! I can really relate to this. I usually play piano but I also sing at church. However, I’m the type shy girl when it comes to singing or anything I’m good at. I’ve gotten better by not being shy by singing more often. Now, I’m the leader of the music and singing group at my church. One shouldn’t be scared of what they’re really good at. If one let’s fear take over, then it will eventually take over one’s life as well.

  35. TyrekeJ

    My reaction to the essay was relatable I have stage freight too and fear can be very controlling hindering one from completing what can be the simplest task to others.To me “Your dream must be bigger than your fear” is like saying have your pros outweigh the cons that way you’ll think more positively and more relaxed as to being tense with the negative energy.

  36. Amadu

    After reading the story “Your dreams must be bigger than your fear” this motivates me to not be afraid of speaking in public, even those it may be hard for me, I will have to be strong and face my fears. Other wise I will never be able to . And if I don’t try how can I ever overcome my fears ?

  37. ariannaberroa

    ” You dream must be bigger then your fear ” is something that I can relate to because I remeber in middle school when I’ll be so nervous to present a project. I would even be nervous just to read out loud I always thought that I was gonna mess up and people were going to laugh at me, overall I’ll just say I’m a very shy at first.

  38. Julissa Chalas

    My reaction towards the article is that if you know you want to reach something, you must let go of the fear. One has to let go of the fear,in order to success, because soon or later it will just be getting in the way of your goal. However, if you do overcome your fear you will only see yourself getting better at it.

  39. ronaldo fernandez

    after reading this story “your dream must be bigger then your fear “because if you wanted something go for it because not everything last fo ever . so live fear behaing and because if you dont is going to pull you back

  40. esmeraldal16

    Thinking back to this piece, i can tell that obstacles may have interfered with a passion one may have, however they must overcome their fea to persue there dream. Therefore one must have the will power to do so, which may seem easy to other, but can be intimidating. Overall after reading this,it inspired me to think of my dreams and beliefs in a controversial way, to make sure that none of my fears can get in the way of them. Lily’s(of the passage) fear was stage fright, and it affected her life, your fear can affect your outcome as well.

  41. Joveair Brice

    The quote, “Your dream must be bigger than your fear,” gives me a great amount of inspiration because if you let your fears get the best of you then you’ll be ok. When aiming for something higher you must look past yourself and find the greater person within you.

  42. Devonte' Robinson

    Many people in the world have that “Your Dream Is Bigger Than Your Fear” mentality because once that fear you’ve created overtake your mind mentally, it could be difficult to get rid of. There’s going to be times when fear is going to kick in when facing a certain obstacle, but that’s when you make the decision to make your dream become a reality.

  43. NASSIR

    ‘Your dream is bigger than your fear’i think in this world there is nothing to be afraid of,or be scared of your fellow friends.they will try make you feel scared if you let them.

  44. Yasmin Amin

    After finally reading this heartfelt article i realized that the character in the story was scared of been on stage even though her dream was to sing, with people and herself pushing to achieve that dream on stage even though she had stage fright makes me sit and think that if you love something no matter the condition I should always push myself to achieve it.


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