Class Agenda #4- Finalizing our Norms – Finishing an Assessment…

SLT- I can persevere through difficult tasks

Opener- Circle around the room.

  • Whip around with Boccheciamp saying Names
  • Represent your internal monologue/guttural feelings while you’re taking an exam


  • 2 Seconds of Silence for Consent with the norms
  • PLEASE SPEAK UP if you’re not with it.

Opening Reading- 


  • Be Respectful
  • Don’t Give Up-
  • Students and teachers be open minded- Responsibility – Could figure to one mic
  • Clean Safe environment- Responsibility
  • Hear everyone’s opinion- compassion – Be prepared to support your opinions with evidence or rational.
  • Don’t Waste Time/No Fooling Around- Commitment – FIND A BALANCE
  • One Mic- Compassion/Responsibility – still looking for an edit.
  • Teacher Varies Teaching Style- Craftsmanship
  • Working at your own Pace- Commit, Craft – ON INDIVIDUAL WORK
  • Be Prepared-

P- 4

  • Have Respect for Others- Compassion
  • No Fooling Around- Commitment/responsibility * – Have a balance
  • Clean Classroom – Responsibility –
  • Learn new things- Curiosity/Commitment – Update? perspectives, empathy?
  • Effort– Craftsmanship Commitment -Update?


  • – One Mic- Compassion-
  • – No judging – Respect Peers- Compassion
  • Teacher varies teaching style and is energetic – Perspective
  • Leave no trace – responsibility
  • Staying on Task- responsibility
  • Everyone Participate- commit – Participate in your own way.
  • come to class on time prepared- As soon as they figure out the lunch.
  • Positive attitude – Not a norm


  • Our class site, under the hood.
  • This is what I see when you do your homework. Just to consider, I grade you on your activity.
  • If posting something is something that you’re uncomfortable with, e-mail the assignment to me-
  • Continue yesterday’s assessment

Use Your Own Paper or you can have COMPUTER PAPER!!


  • I can persevere through difficult tasks
  • I can support my arguments using relevant and sufficient evidence



  1. Follow this class blog.
  2. Read the following Personal Essay by Kamaal Majeed, “Being Content with Myself” or “The Power of Perspective” by Mark
  3. In the comment section below:
  • Identify which essay you read (feel free to read both)
  • Do you agree or disagree with the author’s premise?
  • Explain why.


  • OR…. Comment on the qualities of the essay. What is the author doing in their writing? What parts stand out to you as being good high quality writing or poor quality writing.
  • Should be 3-4 sentences.

Longer Term Homework

  1. Jot down a list of strong beliefs you have. Start with thinking of your likes and interests, but try to go a little deeper.
  • Examples- Family, a style, a sport, a type of music, etc…

53 thoughts on “Class Agenda #4- Finalizing our Norms – Finishing an Assessment…

  1. angelozuna26

    i think that it is important to not fool around because you need to listen to the leason and hear the content that is being teach to the class also i think that it is very important for you to get along with your classmates because you can learn from one another the reason why you dont leave things dirty in the class is so the next class that is comming can have a clean working enviorment for them to learn in


    In my opinion soccer is the best sport,the reason i said that because soccer is a sport not like others.First soccer is ultimate sport not a physical sport,there is also more hard work and fun than any other sport that is one reason i love soccer i can’t even imagine how much.


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