Class Agenda #3- Finalizing our Norms – Starting an Assessment…

SLT- I can persevere through difficult tasks

Opener- Circle around the room.

  • Whip around with Names again.
  • 2 Seconds of Silence for Consent with the norms
  • PLEASE SPEAK UP if you’re not with it.

Opening Reading- 


  • Be Respectful
  • Don’t Give Up-
  • Students and teachers be open minded- Responsibility – Could figure to one mic
  • Clean Safe environment- Responsibility
  • Hear everyone’s opinion- compassion – Be prepared to support your opinions with evidence or rational.
  • Don’t Waste Time/No Fooling Around- Commitment – FIND A BALANCE
  • One Mic- Compassion/Responsibility – still looking for an edit.
  • Teacher Varies Teaching Style- Craftsmanship
  • Working at your own Pace- Commit, Craft – ON INDIVIDUAL WORK
  • Be Prepared-

P- 4

  • Have Respect for Others- Compassion
  • No Fooling Around- Commitment/responsibility * – Have a balance
  • Clean Classroom – Responsibility – 
  • Learn new things- Curiosity/Commitment – Update? perspectives, empathy?
  • Effort– Craftsmanship Commitment -Update?


  • – One Mic- Compassion-
  • – No judging – Respect Peers- Compassion
  • Teacher varies teaching style and is energetic – Perspective
  • Leave no trace – responsibility
  • Staying on Task- responsibility
  • Everyone Participate- commit – Participate in your own way.
  • come to class on time prepared- As soon as they figure out the lunch.
  • Positive attitude – Not a norm

Opening Assessment

  • This is to help evaluate your writing and target what skills we need to work on for the year.
  • We’ll take this over the next 2 class periods.

I’ll say this 3 times-

  • This is the same assessment Mr. Chip Cyrus gave you guys at the end of last year. X3
  • This was agreed upon by the ELA Department
  • Doing it this way makes sense for a few reasons.

Use Your Own Paper or you can have COMPUTER PAPER!!


  1. Follow this class blog.
  2. In the Comment Section of this blog, choose one of the following situations and write 3-4 sentences about how your class will use the NORMS to deal with the situation. Situations- Student has Cell Phone Out, Student/Teacher is out of Uniform, Someone is giving up on the class, Someone is not participating in group work.

Longer Term Homework

  1. Jot down a list of strong beliefs you have. Start with thinking of your likes and interests, but try to go a little deeper.
  • Examples- Family, a style, a sport, a type of music, etc…

49 thoughts on “Class Agenda #3- Finalizing our Norms – Starting an Assessment…

  1. Alexander Melo

    If a Student is out of uniform we should use our norms so the student wont do it again. Even though we all know our room is the coldest in the school. We should have the rule that if you’re cold, you should wear your sweater inside of your school shirt that way your validus t-shirt and logo can be visible and you can be warm.

  2. Hayley

    Situation: Student is out of uniform
    Response: Before getting upset with the student or removing him/her from the room to get another uniform, I would talk respectfully to the student and ask if any other teachers or administrators had noticed the issue. If the issue was resolved by another teacher or administration, I would give a warning and hope that they come to school with their uniform the next day. If not, I would write up the issue in Skedula and have Mr. Figueroa follow up with the student.
    – Ms. Stineman

  3. Ariagna Reyes

    If a student is giving up on a class I strongly suggest helping them find motivation. Showing compassion and asking if they need any type of help. One should always lend a hand to the people who need it. Maybe that person doesn’t understand the content and just wants to give up. I think helping out your peers would be a great way in helping a student not give up.

  4. Joveair Brice

    Situation: Student has Cellphone Out
    If a student has a cellular device out during class it takes away from their learning experience as well as others. They will peer down towards there phone and totally dismiss the teacher and the information being given to them. Not only do they hurt their own grades, they are disrupting the people around them. Showing someone a video or a picture that most likely entails inappropriate things that don’t pertain to school, will often be misused and to prevent that, the norm of no phone is self-explanatory.

  5. Elibet

    Situation: Student has cellphone out
    If a student is using his or her cellphone in class I will talk to him o her and tell them that they have to put it away. But if the student don’t want to put it away I will take another decision and I would say if you don’t put it away I’m Going to have to take it off. But if the situation Get complicated I would send him o her to the office so they can call at there house and try to Fix everything.

    -Elibett Jimenez

  6. Johana Molina

    If a student has their cell phones out then it should be with a warning to put it away. The student should know by now that their cellphones should be in their locker and in book bag turn off. And it should not be on at all. And if it taken out then the teacher should take away, give it in and return until end of class or end of day. But it continues to happen then it goes to the administration or a parent call. Cause it causing a distraction in class

  7. Angelique

    If a student is not staying on task the teacher should ask them as a warning to stop and get back on task. If the student doesn’t listen then the teacher should write it up. Also if the teacher doesn’t do that then they can kick them out of class for disturbing the class.

  8. Katherine Guzman

    Situation: Student has a cellphone out
    If a student has a cellphone out during class the norm that can be used for this situation can be not fooling around or apply the norm no cellphones allowed. What can be done is if a student is seen with a cellphone out meaning being used the teacher should give a warning. If it is done again then the teacher should inform it to an administrator or someone else. Or take the cellphone away.

  9. Veronica Alvarado

    Situation : student has cell phone out
    Response : If a student has their cell phone out you should first give them a warning . If they take it out again then write them up . If you see it a third time then you should let Mr.figueroa know let him Handel it if he calls the parent or what he decides to do is now in his hand but phones should not be out at all .
    – Veronica Alvarado

  10. Fatou Gakou

    Following these class norms will make the class run smoothly without any issues. Following the norms is every important expecially since we the students came up with them and agreed on them. If a student was to break the school rule of no electrics, the teacher should give the student a warning. The 2nd time the teacher sees it, he/she can take it and return at the end of the period to the student. If its seen a 3rd time, then the teacher can take to the seems office.

  11. Kaylie Morales

    Situation – A student has their cell phone out
    When a student has their cell phone they should have warnings , when they first have it out a teacher should tell them to put it away , then if it is out again the teacher should take it away and hold it for the rest of the period then if it is out for a third time the teacher should give it to the principal because students should always be prepared and being prepared doesn’t include having your phone out.

  12. Charles Crespo

    Situation: Someone is not participating in group work.
    Solution: Since a student refuse to collaborate with his or her group, I would try to build up his/her self esteem by helping that person stay on task. If he or she doesn’t improve, then I would have a one on one conversation with him or her of why he/she doesn’t want to put a lot of effort in his/her group. I would also have a one on one conversation with his/her group members and tell them to inspire him/her to participate so he or she won’t fail his/her class and not let the group down.

  13. Nelson

    Situation: Uniform
    Response: I think that if a child is out of uniform they should be talked to because sometimes its for a reason, for example the student could be cold and then the teacher could tell them the rules or let them wear the sweater as long that the Validus Preparatory Academy logo on the school uniform shirt is visible.

  14. Faith Ruiz

    Situation: Someone is giving up on class
    Response: Find the problem(s) that they are having in class weather it is the work, other students, or just slacking off. Depending on the problem that they are having maybe they need one on one help with certain lessons which they can come after school or during lunch, if the problem is other students they can go to pier mediation before anything escalates, and lastly if the student does not like the class maybe the teacher should try to have a more lively class.

  15. Elly

    When a student in class slacks it’s giving up but we can motive him/her by using the Norms.
    Such as Staying on task -responsibility and Teacher varies teaching styles and is energetic -perspective.When one is on track ,they maintain balance in their studies and they won’t give up .
    As a teacher one has to make their daily lessons interested but very informed .

  16. bryan

    One big issue that happens alot in school is the cellphone usage. if a student have been seen using there phone first ill give them a warning. Second time ill ask them to give it to me very politely. Then if they dont I will contact the dean or the principle for the can come handle the issue the way they suppose to.

  17. Hope Ruiz

    Student is out of Uniform

    When students come to school in uniform, they are already following a few classroom norms. “Be prepared, stay on task, and come to class on time” are all associated with wearing uniform. Wearing uniform helps with staying on task because it keeps the student form worring if theiri outfit looks good or not, and it also helps with coming on time because the student does not take time to figure/pick out what they are going to wear

  18. Hawa Conteh

    Situation: Student has cellphone out
    If a student Male/Female has their cellphone out during class the teacher should kindly ask for it to be put it away because it is against school rules to have one out. If the student refuses to put it away the teacher should confiscate it, and leave the student with a warning. If the student passes 3 warnings the teacher has permission to report it to school officials. Before this should happen students should leave their phone on silent or if it’s a challenge not to use the phone the student should leave it in their locker or at home.

  19. TyrekeJ

    With the situation of a student giving up in class we should remind the person of our norms. No judging helps the student not feel any worse than they’re feeling at the moment. Encouraging the student will help them throughout the class period. Telling them learning new things will be hard at first but giving your effort will make a difference and that we have these norms to make the class better for students and teachers.

  20. Marieya Jawara

    One Mic
    Everyone should have respect when he or she is speaking, no matter what. If a person who is sitting right next to me and I know he or she is being highly disrespectful I would kindly tell him or her to be respectful. If the person continues I would raise my hand and let the teacher handle it.

  21. Felix Nunez

    Situation: Student has a cell phone out
    Response: After noticing the student has a cell phone out i would give him/her a warning. hoping they would put it away and follow the rules of the school. If they continue to use the phone after he/she was directed to put it away i would take it from them and say ” you may have it back at the end of class.” this shows the student you are not going to take disrespect lightly. if it happens again on a later date i would write them up and give the phone to Mr.Figueroa. This is the best method.
    – Felix Nunez

  22. Johansel

    If someone is giving up on the Class i we should do whatever we can for that person to think other wise.Some people might feel like maybe the work gets too hard for them or they might just find the class as not really that exciting.I notion that not only us students or peers should help but also teachers.Teachers can keep the class active and not really boring, simple and fun so that everyone can learn the work and be active as well.As for us students, we should keep on top of our fellow students to do their work and motivate them to do it, help them if we have to too.

  23. Emmanuel Candelario

    Situation- student had cell phone out

    The issue about cell phone can be solved using the norms be respectful and no fooling around. When a person is on there cell phone there not paying attention to anyone else and so your not being respectful and your not listening to the teacher or the peer speaking. The norm no fooling around takes place in the solution as we’ll because cell phones are not allowed in school and therefore, if someone is using it on class they’re not being applicable to the school rules and not caring what the school has to say which is pretty much fooling around. Cell phones issues can be solved really quick by reminding the students of these two norms.

  24. Arianna Mendoza

    Someone is not participating in group work. One should not handle the situation by yelling at the student or bringing his/she grade down, they should ask the student what’s the problem they are having in the assessment to help them understand more. Teachers can give the student the option of staying during lunch or after school if they really need the extra help. Giving the student these opportunities may help them start to participate in the group work and earn their grade for the day.

  25. rosangel polanco

    Situation: Student has a cell phone out
    If a student has a cell phone out they should get a warning because they should not have no cell phone at all . The second time they take out their cell phone it should get taken away for the period because you already gave them a warning. But if the student keeps taking out their cell phone it should get confiscated because they keep on disobeying the rules.

  26. Wilfried Folaranmi

    If a student is giving up on the class, they should remember the norm “Don’t give up”. Giving up will stop a student from learning and that student will fall behind. If a student doesn’t understand a lesson or a question, they should feel free to ask a question.

  27. Bernice Boateng

    Situation – Student has cellphone out in class .

    The norm that can be use to fix this issue is to remind the student to not fool around during class time . If we make a norm I think it should be followed . Having your phone out during class is breaking the norm of no fooling around . Phones are distractions and can distracts others , distractions pull students away from the lesson that is being taught .

  28. Rosalva Rivera

    Situation- Student has Cell Phone out

    In several instances an individual may break the norms of the class. Having a cell phone out in class can distract a student in class. If a student is seen with their cell phone out in class the student should be given a first warning and told that they should be completing their work or paying attention in class. If the individual is seen a second time with their cell phone out it should be taken away and be given back at the end of the period. The norms that should be applied in class is Staying on task and no cell phones allowed.

  29. Melissa Chalas

    Problem: Someone is not participating in group work.
    Solution: If someone is not participating in group work, I would take it upon myself to speak to them about it, there may be a possible chance that they may be struggling with the work and need help. If they continue not to do their part then I will consult an authority figure, as I and I’m pretty sure my other group members would not want to a get a lower grade due to somebody not doing their part. Once we have consulted with an authority figure, the proper actions should be taken and my group and I should try to continue to work without any further problems.

  30. Ishatou Drame

    Situation: If a student is off track or not participating in class we should come together as a team to motivate the person to strive higher and above and beyond their skills to get a good grade and pass the class successful , also we should motivate eachother to never give up and to always try your best

  31. Eufranny Castillo

    Situation: Student has cellphone out

    In many schools, the issue of cellphones is seen. This issue interupts instructional time and takes away from students education. Having a cellphone out during class is not permitted in Validus. However, there are students who take out cellphones during class regardless of the norms. If a situation were to ever occur in where a student had a cellphone out , the situation should resolved within warnings . A simple warning let’s a student know to put away the electronic device without it being confiscated . If a student’s phone were to automatically be taken away, a student might get angry and take the situation to another level. If the student does not put the phone away after three warnings , the student can be kicked out of class or taken to the wellness center. By not having the student in class, students won’t be dostracted every five minutes because of someone who wants to disobey the norms of the classroom.

  32. Roselene Blanco

    For instance when it comes to any student giving up in class, us a classmate/teachers should help out figure out a way to cheer this person up and come up with a way to progress. To help proceed this complex situation we must come with a specific way give the person assistance and maybe also a partner.

  33. Maya Averhart

    If a student is out of uniform, the class would use the norms in this situation by the student and teacher are being open minded and one mic. The teacher should allow the student to state their reasoning for not having uniform and while the student is talking their should be one mic. While the student is talking, the teacher and students are being open minded about the reason for not wearing uniform and are hearin their opinion instead of automatically making assumptions in their head.

  34. Catherine Larbi

    I really don’t care for the norms in this school. The new rules in this school sucks the life out of people. Like really the day you was born, you cant even celebrate it by dressing up. Everything in this school is so restricted that norms doesn’t even matter anymore, it’s ridiculous.

  35. Elijah Fleury

    Problem: Working at own pace.
    Solution: People who are working faster than others should help the people who are struggling. Especially in group activities, which could lead to the whole group falling behind. If someone sees that another student is working at a slower, they could ask the person if they need help. If they do need help then they should receive that help so everyone could be on equal footing.

  36. sasha erazo

    If a student is on his or her cellphone then that is not respecting the norms set for the classroom in which is firstly shows they are not being respectful which is showing no sign of the charateristic of compassion. As well as shows the student is not prepared for class because they do not not show responsibility for following the class norms and being prepared with work or mentally but instead they are busy with their phone out. Furthermore it lastly contradicts the norm of commitment by wasting time for themselves and others.

  37. Arianna Berroa

    If students are out of uniform they should just let students come in without them because sometimes it might not be comfortable for them that day. The one mic rule should apply because students always want to start talking when their is another student speaking . I also believe everyone should participate because it counts towards your grade.

  38. Mr. Boccheciamp Post author

    Grace- When someone is giving up because they do not understand or they just do not want to do the work we can help them out and make them feel comfortable by showing them that we do care and we do want for each other to prosper in class and life too. so we dont make fun of them we stop and explain and try and make sure that they understand as much as possible. or if they just dont want to do the work we can show and give them reasons on why they truly should and maybe even try and understand why is it that they dont want to do their work. there could be a really good reason thats why we have to listen and not judge just try to understand we might learn something new….just listen….

  39. esmeraldal16

    “Someone is not participating in group projects”
    – When someone is seen to be “not participating” in group work, one if the group members can encourage him/her to share their opinion on the topic, and motivate them. If this seems to fail and the person isn’t cooperating, The team can share their opinions and gave the student agree or disagree; Give examples. When this seems to fail, one can use the NORM of “No Judgment” so that the student that isn’t participating wouldn’t feel intimidated to share.

  40. hilaryc16

    Situation: Someone isn’t participating in a group work.

    If a student doesn’t want to participate in a group work, then they could simply ask the teacher if they may work independently. If the work has to be done in a group, then the student should obey the rules. If the student refuses to do the work then the teacher should simply lower the student’s grades.

  41. Jackie (Afrikan Queen)

    Situation- Student has Cell Phone out
    I feel like we should take the norms seriously. And if a student got their phone out we should let the student know it disrespectful while a teacher/student teaching. One should also let the student know not to waste time/fooling around on their and pay attention on what’s going on in the class.

  42. Michael D

    Situation: student has phone out
    If a student has a phone out and is waisting there time and not paying attention to their work or even group work then they are bringing them selves and the others around them down. The norms that can be used to deal with this situation could be not waisting time and having everyone speak up. If everyone is on point with what they are doing and not waisting time then it won’t drive a person to be bored to have to take out there phone. Last if everyone speaks up during presentation or even when answering a question then people will most likely be driven to listen to them because curiosity is kicking in and no one would have there phone out because they are too busy learning and listening to there classmates.

  43. Fatou Gakou

    A belief that I have is education
    I believe that education is the key to success. Making goals for yourself and achieving them along the way. Striving high and going above and beyond. Currently my goal is to graduate high school and go to college. When that goal is accomplished, the next goal is to graduate college and go to Medicinal School. Last for now, when that’s complete, its to become a doctor. I haven’t fully made up my mind of what type but maybe Pediatric. Education is the key to success, the key to help you become a scholar and someone / something in life. I’m not saying that you can’t do anything without education but most of the jobs ans careers out there, you have to have education.

  44. Melisa Owusu

    If someone is not participating in a group work, its breaking the effort norm so we should just encourage people to just do the work so that they can talk or do what they want after the work is done(no fooling around-balancing between work and play)

  45. Amadu

    If a student is not paying attention in class because they are using their phone the best thing to do is tell that particular student to put it away. If they refuse to put it away the seconf time the teacher should call that student outside and talk with him . The third time the teacher should just confiscate the phone and give it to the administrators and have the student parents pick it up.

  46. Javier Benitez

    If someone were to have their cell phone out then they would have to put it away. Either it is from the teacher or student. Their shouldn’t be any consequences if someone does have their phone out. If the student keeps using their phone then he or she would have to do a funny/ crazy dance in the middle of the class.

  47. Josue manzanares

    if someone were to have their cell phone out is because they did not care of what the teachear in which this case mr.boochiamp would have the manner of respect to look at him and take the phone away from that specific individual

  48. NASSIR

    if a student is playing with his phone in class he should get warned first then if he did it again he should be punished by the school,because we are not here to play or to flat but for an education that’s all ,Your are also disrupting people around you who wanted to learned but they can’t because of the cell phone.


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