Class Agenda #2- So what if…

Opener- Circle around the room.

  • Whip around with Names again. Reaction to the quote.
  • Sit with your groups from yesterdays class
  • Check in with SLT- I can recognize and understand the expectations for Mr. B and for Room 140

Opening Reading- 

“Your silence implies consent” – Plato (347 BC)

Reading Debrief-

  • Who has heard this quote before?
  • Where it came from?

Mini-Lesson- Review popular Norm Ideas from Yesterday:

  • Clean Classroom
  • One Mic
  • Clean and safe environment
  • Cool Classroom… No Problems
  • Open minded students and teachers
  • Energetic Teacher
  • Working at your own pace
  • No fooling around
  • Everyone read
  • Learn new things
  • Kids get good grades
  • Get an education
  • Hear everyone’s opinion
  • Don’t give up
  • Don’t waste time
  • Be Prepared
  • Be organized
  • No judgement zone
  • Technology
  • Teacher varies teaching style
  • Students are more active and bring positive energy

Which of these can we:

  • Combine?
  • Remove?
  • Clarify?

Group Work #1

Of our remaining classroom norms, tie each of them to Character Trait or Habit of Scholarship.

Finalizing our list-

If anyone in this room is opposed to the creation of these norms, speak now or forever hold your piece. Remember the opening Quote.

Group Work-

Let’s assume from time to time some people might break our agreed upon norms. How will we deal with these students?

Create a scenario for each of the following situations:

  1. A student or teacher has there cell phone out.
  2. A student or teacher has food or drink on their desk that is not water.
  3. A student or teacher is acting disrespectfully or threateningly. Does sarcasm count?
  4. A student or teacher is making a mess. What about sunflower seeds? What about ripping up a note?
  5. A student or teacher is giving up on class.
  6. A student or teacher is out of uniform
  7. Group pick
  8. Group pick
  9. Group pick
  10. Group pick

Share Out-


  1. Follow this class blog.
  2. Jot down a list of strong beliefs you have. Start with thinking of your likes and interests, but try to go a little deeper.
  • Examples- Family, a style, a sport, a type of music-

6 thoughts on “Class Agenda #2- So what if…

  1. Amadu

    I have strong beliefs in religion
    I have strong beliefs in expressing my voice
    I have strong beliefs in standing up for what i think is right
    I have strong beliefs in family

  2. Amelia Ingram

    As a student of the classroom I feel as if one mic is of importance because everyone has ideas and should be allowed to express them.

  3. Elibet

    Situation: Student has cellphone out
    If a student is using his or her cellphone in class I will talk to him o her and tell them that they have to put it away. But if the student don’t want to put it away I will take another decision and I would say if you don’t put it away I’m Going to have to take it off. But if the situation Get complicated I would send him o her to the office so they can call at there house and try to Fix everything.

  4. Marc Ramirez

    My families safety they’ve always given it their greatest efforts to keep me protected from all the negativity that is produced in my environment, I just want to return the favor.My education, there will be very few things that will prevent me from obtaining an education. My education will support my success and extent to which I take my career. School may seem like a waste of time but in reality to be successful work has to be put in. “Many want to be great but nobody wants to put the work in.”My friends out of all the people I have ever meet at this moment I only consider 3 of them my friends. These people have displayed honesty and loyalty a numerous amount of times making them that much more important. Apartment 26 also known as my home, some are born with more than they could ever imagine, others have to suffer and work hard for the simplest thing. The amount of gratitude I have for the ceiling that has been over my head for 15 years is unimaginable. Police abuse is unacceptable, coming from a minority family I despise the fact that a badge gives another a man authority over another person. Power is the demise of humanity. Officers assaulting an innocent man and then claim he was harmful as a cover story is absurd. The fact that cops are able to choose who is innocent and dangerous is horrendous.


    I have a strong belief in expressing myself. I have a strong belief in religion.I have a strong belief in soccer. I have a strong belief at my parent. i have strong belief in stars.


    I have a strong belief in expressing myself. I have a strong belief in religion.I have a strong belief in soccer. I have a strong belief at my parent. i have strong belief in stars.i have strong belief to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.


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