Class Agenda #46- Counter Claim/Group Time


Check in with your groups to continue working on Group Project.

Review how to write a rebuttal paragraph from yesterday. Make sure you have one complete.

Regents prep to those in need-




  • Think back to yesterday – Read the following Short Article on Gangs in Newark
  • Prompt: Which Newark Mayoral candidate has the better stance on gang violence?

    • ·  Introduce a precise claim that addresses the essay prompt.
    • ·  Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the texts say explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the texts, including determining where the text leaves matters uncertain.
    • ·  Analyze and critique an example from all the texts that illustrates your claim.
    • ·  Analyze and refute an alternative interpretation by using all three texts (i.e. counterclaim).
    • ·  Keeping your audience in mind, establish and maintain a formal style and objective tone while attending to the norms and conventions of the discipline in which you are writing.
    • ·  Provide a concluding paragraph that follows from and supports the argument you present.


Taking a look at a rebuttal paragraph or counter claim.

Steps to writing a strong rebuttal paragraph:

  • Think of an opposing argument to yours.
  • Think of the strongest points that can be made against your argument
  • Find evidence that can weaken an opposing argument

Rebuttal Outline-

  • Topic Sentence (introduce the counter claim)
    • Starters- my opponents might say, some may say, a possible counter to my argument is…
  • Give Rebuttal
    • Starter- however
  • Give Evidence
  • Explain how evidence weakens claim
  • Closing Sentence

Watch- Rebuttal Video on Youtube


Practice- Write your Counter Claim for the mayoral candidate.


Group Time/Regents Time-

In your groups, Continue to work on your Animal Farm Template

Work Time- Group time

If you Need a Refresher-

Watch this Animal Farm Refresher- 

CFU- How do you feel about this sort of “cliff notes.” Do they help? Are they funny? Are you learning anything new form them?


  • I can develop creative products for the novel Animal Farm using effective techniques, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequences.



Animal Farm RAFTS

 Role- Part of an investigative film team looking to expose the truth about

Audience- Farms outside of Animal Farm

Format- A Piece of Investigative Journalism

Topic- You and your team have heard reports that there’s something corrupt going on at Animal Farm, and you’re looking to expose it.

Strong Verb- Expose

General Notes-

  • Your story should be a video/short film
  • Your story should include some sort of summary/over view, a problem and how it’s being dealt with, a resolution if there is one.
  • Your story should use accurate characters and situations from the novel –Animal Farm

Class Work- Begin to brainstorm your plan for this final assignment.


 Exit Ticket-

E-mail the members of your group, and a brief summary of what you discussed in class.

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