Class Agenda #42- Animal Farm Final


Watch this Animal Farm Refresher- 

CFU- How do you feel about this sort of “cliff notes.” Do they help? Are they funny? Are you learning anything new form them?


  • I can develop creative products for the novel Animal Farm using effective techniques, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequences.



Animal Farm RAFTS

 Role- Part of an investigative film team looking to expose the truth about

Audience- Farms outside of Animal Farm

Format- A Piece of Investigative Journalism

Topic- You and your team have heard reports that there’s something corrupt going on at Animal Farm, and you’re looking to expose it.

Strong Verb- Expose

General Notes-

  • Your story should be a video/short film
  • Your story should include some sort of summary/over view, a problem and how it’s being dealt with, a resolution if there is one.
  • Your story should use accurate characters and situations from the novel –Animal Farm

Class Work- Begin to brainstorm your plan for this final assignment.


 Exit Ticket-

E-mail the members of your group, and a brief summary of what you discussed in class.

3 thoughts on “Class Agenda #42- Animal Farm Final

  1. zay

    the animal farm video helped me realize the actual real life connection . the video was funny but made points that i didnt fully realize until after , the video gave me a whole new perspective of the book

  2. GW.

    I enjoyed this video because it simplified the movie and book Animal Farm and explained things in words closer to the ones in which we use such as slangs. However i did not find this video funny because i felt as if the narrator over acted the scene and stood out in excess , where as the story should stand out over him. This did not take away from how helpful this video was though.

  3. Jose

    The type summary used for the opener was interesting due to the professional way of speaking of the scribe, which could also be seen as a distraction to those whose maturity is still low, but was still briefly enlightening because of the accuracy of the summary.


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