Class Agenda #38- IA

This should be completed during class time today!

Interlude- This will count as 1 reaction paper.

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Text- I came across this article last night and thought of YOU ALL.

  • Take Cornell Notes in your Notebook as you read.


  1. This article is about the cost of a college education VS. the reward of a college education.  What do you take from this reading?
  2. In your opinion, is the value of a college education worth the cost? Base your answer on ideas from the text.
    • Note that this is a nuanced article and the answer should take some thought.


Other Prompts for Reaction Papers.

  • What are the conflicts in Animal Farm? What types of conflict (physical, moral, intellectual, or emotional) do you see in this story?
  • What are some themes in the story? How do they relate to the plot and characters?
  • What are some symbols in Animal Farm? How do they relate to the plot and characters?

Exit Ticket- Post in comment section

Do you think the Pigs are just in taking extra milk and apples for their food? Why or why not?

26 thoughts on “Class Agenda #38- IA

  1. Gizel Aponte

    How much college is worth, depends solely on you or you parents pocket. If we think about it, a bachelors degree is the same in every university and has the same value before the eyes of any employer. What we mayor in is what changes everything. It doesn’t matter how much you payed to get that degree, if you earned a degree in Spanish but the need for spanish speaking teachers or bilingual translators are not in high demand, then there goes your money down the drain. Whereas someone who invested in becoming a doctor or lawyer, when they become employed they will be able to pay off any debt without a problem. Some might say college is worth every penny, but the same degree you earned for $80,000, I can earn for $12,000.

  2. Karla Cabrera

    Making a decision wether college is worth it or not can get really stressful. Going to a private college than a public one can have many differences. The structure and the most important thing is how much is worth. Personally going away for college is something I wanted to do in order to get the experience and grow up independently but now that I’m so close to it, I do not want to be in debt. I would rather stay in the city, go to a 4 year college and live at home. It will be cheaper for my parents and of course for me in the future. People may say that the money doesn’t matter the education does but, what confirms that you WILL have a job right after college? Not in all cases. For example, the education I might get in New Paltz can be the same I can get in Hunter. It will always be the same bachelor’s degree. In the city a person can have more opportunities in finding internships than if they’re away in a campus.

  3. zay williams

    The cost of college vs the return varies depending on what you choose to get your degree on . certain degrees guarantee a great return but others will just put you in debt . not only does the degree have a big impact certain colleges you go to raise your chances of you getting a good paying job for example “LaTisha Styles graduated from Kennesaw State University in Georgia in 2006 she had $35,000 of student debt. This obligation would have been easy to discharge if her Spanish degree had helped her land a well-paid job. But there is no shortage of Spanish-speakers in a nation that borders Latin America. So Ms Styles found herself working in a clothes shop and a fast-food restaurant for no more than $11 an hour”. and studies have proven that the hardest subject is the ones that pay off the most like lets say you study engineering” An engineering graduate from the University of California, Berkeley can expect to be nearly $1.1m better off after 20 years than someone who never went to college. Even the least lucrative engineering courses generated a 20-year return of almost $500,000″.

  4. Justin

    I believe going to college is worth the cost. Going to College opens up doors. The more education your child gets, the more choices and opportunities he/she will have. With an education, your child has more options, which often can lead to greater success and happiness in life. According to the article “Latisha Styles took the gutsy decision to go back to the same college and study something more pragmatic. She majored in finance, and now has a good job at an investment consulting firm. Her debt has swollen to $65,000, but she will have little trouble paying it off.” Even though college is expensive it will be worth it in the long run if you take your work serious and actually want to be successful. If you go to college you will most likely be able to make more money then if you decided to not go to college.

  5. Jovana

    College is important. Not only is it important, but you’re provided with so many more options for your degree and get a high paying job in your interest. Most of the employers of the corporate world are looking for students with a college degree. College degree can give hope to a student that he/she can achieve success even if they are lacking in some skills. Therefore, College is something that helps a student prepare to enter the world. Most careers require a degree. The GOOD careers require masters degree and I think it is worth it to go to college. I believe either way you’re going to be in debt unless you don’t go to college at all. You need to start somewhere to learn what you’re good at and capable of achieving for a living.

  6. Naja

    I take a lot in from this article. I wouldn’t want to have to have no debt owing anyone personally. But at the end of the day if your academically and financially eligible for any money its good. EOP personally will help throughout journey of college as opposed to paying out of own pockets.The value of a college education is worth the cost. I say this because certain people dont take education seriously when its free. So having to pay a cost for school makes people think to take it seriously. But personally I would prefer to pay cheaper than a whole lot of money opposed to me going to Suny Cobleskill I feel that if i go to a school in the city it would be way cheaper with the same education.

  7. pandonna

    Reaction paper #6

    Going to college is worth it, however the cost of going to college is ridiculously expensive. I feel like the amount of money colleges ask for makes it really difficult for students. However, if someone who does not struggle financially want to subsidize in perusing their career as a doctor or any other high standard position, the cost they paid for was worth it. I think it all depends on one’s eligibility to pay for the cost of college. Regardless, everything that is high quality is expensive. College is very important and those who do not want to end up being in debt because of student loans should seek other alternatives that would still lead them to their goals. For example, starting off at a community college for two years since it is much cheaper, than transferring to a university afterwards to continue their higher education. Overall, I would agree that life would be much easier if colleges can cut costs.

  8. Melissa Perdomo

    Going to college for me is important and worth it. But the cost of attending college is really expensive. To me I think Colleges ask for too much money that someone simply might not have. But everyone has options, people are provided with so many options to get your degree. Either go to a community college or less expensive one. You will still probably get the same education as if you were going to more expensive school. One way or another people are still going to have pay money either you’re going to be in debt a little or alot. Even though college is expensive (YES!) its gonna be worth it in the long run. Just depends if you’re smart with your money and think of your future and if its really worth it to go to that school when this one is cheaper and you’ll get the same education.

  9. Jose Antigua Jr.

    As far as college is concerned, it is a necessity for people to attend and graduate, although what you study can heavily impact the rest of your life. There is no need in spending money to study a theme that has no place in the community. The world is still in an era in which everything revolves around architecture, so engineering and a craft in that field would be ideal. Just as it was stated in the article by President Barack Obama, “folks can make a lot more by learning a trade than they might with an art history degree”, which is obviously true backed up by the data in the graph provided by PayScale as well as the information that states that nearly 41% of top college graduates cannot find a job in their field of study as well as that their debt plays a major role in their financial life. It is difficult to follow your dreams when it comes to the demand of your role as a craftsman if your art is not in demand.

  10. G.W

    I think the value of a college education is worth it. The reason why it is worth it is because, the higher education you get the better paying job you get. In the article LaTisha Styles graduated from Kennesaw State University, she had $35,000 of student debt and she was working a minimum wage job. She went back to school and she majored in finance, and now has a good job at an investment consulting firm but her debt is $65,000, even though her debt went up she will be able to pay it off because she now has a better paying job. Also College graduates who are working full time earn about $17,500 more annually than people who just have a high school diploma.

  11. Branden

    After reading the article, I have learned that the cost of going college is very expensive but after you graduate and get to where you want to be in life and your salary raises, in my opinion it is worth it. Also, if you plan on taking out a loan make sure that you work to play it off as soon as possible because the longer that you take to play it back the more interest is applied to the loan. There are a few ways to take out less money like for example,starting off at a two year or junior college and then transferring to a university but that might not be what you want to do. In the end in my opinion, its not where you start its where you finish and once you reach your goal in life that debt can be paid off and your life will be much better than not going to college.

  12. Kelmy OAL Millares

    Is,college worth it? A question that many people ask themselves every single year, A question that I ask myself now at days. Really what difference is a Bachelor’s degree diploma from Nyu than a diploma from Mercy College only the fact that you will have to take out much more loans for Nyu and be in much higher debt in the future. Also, the only other difference is the name of the schools but you are still getting the same education it will still be the same degree. It is not a 100 percent certain that you will get a job right after graduating from a top school or graduating out of a top Ivy league school. For example, In the article it states that “42% of recent graduates are in jobs that require less than a four-year college”. “And that 41% of graduates from the nation’s top colleges could not find jobs in their job fields”. This statement proves my point because because people who get an associate’s degree end up in less debt and a job right out of college. So is college really worth it? In my opinion it is but you don’t need the highest degree or the perfect college to have a good life in the future.

  13. Jesus

    Going to college is worth, but it can be expensive like around 20,000. That kind of makes me feel like it’s not worth to go college then come to pay dept. Even if it cost that much I would still go to college. If you want to become a doctor or a mechanic you allowed to learn a trade. So at the end of your degree you will be allowed to work

  14. itsbigdaddyKELVIN

    Even though people might think that the cost of college is way too much I kind of don’t mind it.
    Not because I come from a family with a huge salary because I don’t, but because I know over
    time its going to be worth it. I know if i go to college I could have a career paying the as much a I
    spent on college in a year as time past by. Its better to work hard now to relax later on. Plus you would be going to school with people that really want to study and student who are going to take it seriously because they paying with their own money. So yeah I would say it is worth the cost.

  15. The Real GW.

    After reading the article Higher education: Is college worth it?, a various amount of questions and doubts have arisen in my head. The main question is what should i study as my college degree? This question has come from the section in the reading on where Hard subjects Pay Off. This section explains how no matter what college you go to , its the major you study that counts. “Unsurprisingly, engineering is a good bet wherever you study it.” they state ; saying “Even the least lucrative engineering courses generated a 20-year return of almost $500,000” and I fully agree. Determining what major will be needed in careers and what you bring to the table through your major is the most important thing.The cost of a degree pays itself after 20 years in colleges such as University of Virginia and Harvard where as colleges such as Mereidith and Bluefiled you end up with debts to pay. So is college really worth it?

  16. Brenda

    I believe the cost of college is worth what you pay for. Going to a good college for example Cornell, Marist, Johnson and Wales are all schools who will cost you a large amount of money but will definitely benefit you in the long run. You will receive the best from the best is what I tell myself each time I think of the college options I have been given. This article speaks about your major and how it will benefit you in the future based on salary. This article also speaks of how college increased since the year of 1983. Yes, college tuition has increased in a large amount each year and this will always be a huge factor to which college I will be attending but I know that in the future I will have a job or be able to get a great job because I attended one of the best and was exposed to the best education I know have gotten. However, because I will attend a expensive school I will be taking out loans but there is a trick to taking out loans. Depending on the starting salary only take out half of that amount.

  17. michaelpena

    I think college is worth it because you let not only your’e self known that you made it but you made your’e mom proud because all that parents want us to do is to get a good job that will make you earn money and not do the same mistake they probably did. ”Graduates aged 25 to 32 who are working full time earn about $17,500 more annually than their peers who have only a high school diploma.” This quote shows that people that graduate from college has the opportunity to earn more money than a person who only has a high school diploma and that show that college could be expensive but will give you benefit at the end. Most of the people complain about the money that they pay for their education but dont realize that it can help them become someone in the future. Not everyone could afford it but that’s why the government has program to help so I think is worth it. So don’t let the amount of money a college is worth scare you from becoming what you want to be and be successful in the future.

  18. Rayven

    I believe that college does cost a lot of money. As now me being a senior in high school and be accept in this many college like AMDA college and New School. The big worried for me is how going to pay for the college,but I know there are student loan that I can borrow and later on pay back.This article Mr.Obama said on April 2nd “means making college more affordable.”Arts and humanities courses are much more varied. All doubtless nourish the soul, but not all fatten the wallet.A poor colleges will look worse than rich ones that offer lots of financial aid, since reducing the cost of a degree raises its return.College is very important for your future and in what you want you need a degree.

  19. David Cardona

    After high school my plan is to go to college and the big question pop up into my head “Is college Worth it” The answer to this question could go both ways depending on what you are studying in college. Most people who go to college take large amount of student loans that they might not be able to pay back. Base on the article I read “Is College Worth It” the answer to that question is yes college is worth it. Barack Obama quoted people can makes lots of money by learning how to trade. That way you are able to pay back loans and won’t be in student debt. Furthermore, there’s scholations and programs that would pay for college for example, I want to study criminal justice and I could look into the ROTC program which a lots student to go the college for free but, in return they would have to serve a little military time.

  20. tenin Soumahoro

    college is absolutely worth it because if you have a degree and you are a passion about what you want to do then paying back the student debt wont be a problem . Obama said, “if folks can make a lot more by learning a trade “than they might with an art history degree.” Hands on work will make more money and you would have more money to pay your student loans back. Engineering degrees make a large amount of money. Engineering is a good bet wherever you study it. Companies that have College graduates who are working full time earn about $17,500 more Than the people who only have a high school diploma. In conclusion, having a college degree will save you in life

  21. Jose

    In my honest opinion education will always be worth receiving, but then when we talk about the cost to get this education is where the argument comes in. At the end of the day, “Knowledge Is Power” but not everyone can afford to get this kind of education. Research tells that 12 million students (60%) fall into debt after the graduate because they have to pay off these student loans that they borrowed to get into college in the first place. This is where the argument arrives and we question ourselves if this is all worth it. That being said, I think college is worth it as long as you push through and come out winning with a high paying job so get the debt off your shoulders as quickly as possible.

  22. C.G.

    Going to college is worth the expense. Hopefully with the job you get you will be able to pay off your debt. College determines your future and how much money you make. College is too much money. The financial aid package doesn’t help people that are middle class “American schoolkids pondering whether to take on huge student loans are constantly told that college is the gateway to the middle class.” so its more of a burden on them to get there degrees. On the other hand better things cost more money. For example: name brand clothes and non name brand clothes, the name brand clothes cost more; also healthy foods and non healthy foods, healthy foods cost more. Then there is college , you pay now and make money later.

  23. Christopher N .

    when it comes to making the decision of whether college is worth it or not, its not much of a choice. you must decide how to balance your passion with being able to do what you have to do in order to maintain a career in the future. College benefits you a lot being that it not only takes you on a big educational journey but it puts food on the plate as well. As it states in the article, “College graduates aged 25 to 32 who are working full time earn about $17,500 more annually than their peers who have only a high school diploma, according to the Pew Research Centre, a think-tank”. This means that its more likely you would be able to make a lot more income with a college degree than someone who has a full-time job with a high school diploma. This article also states, “In time, transparency and technology will force many colleges to cut costs and raise quality. Online education will accelerate the trend. In 2012, 6.7m students were taking at least one online course. Such courses allow students to listen to fine lecturers without having to pay for luxurious dormitories or armies of college bureaucrats”. This means more people in the far future will be able to agree on the option of going to college. Online colleges make the problem of having to pay loans that are difficult to pay off much easier. online classes are not only accessible but they are cheaper than the cost of taking loans to pay for college classes.

  24. C.G.

    Going to college is worth the expense. Hopefully with the job you get you will be able to pay off your debt. College determines your future and how much money you make. College is too much money. The financial aid package doesn’t help people that are middle class “American schoolkids pondering whether to take on huge student loans are constantly told that college is the gateway to the middle class.” so its more of a burden on them to get there degrees. On the other hand better things cost more money. For example: name brand clothes and non name brand clothes, the name brand clothes cost more; also healthy foods and non healthy foods, healthy foods cost more. Then there is college , you pay now and make money later.

  25. Andrea Torres <3

    I believe that Collage and a good education is worth it. I feel like it depends on how serious you take your education and how confident you are about your future . Studies show how higher education gets you better paying jobs, who wouldn’t want to get paid more? I believe Collage is very expensive and many people can’t afford such an expensive education which makes them take out many loans and become en debt, but thats why some people get academic scholarships which helps them a lot . Some people want to go to very expensive Private collages without really knowing what they want to do in the future, which I believe is very bad, if you go to an expensive collage you should know exactly what your doing to see if the amount of money your going to get paid balances to the amount of money you took from student loans. I believe collage is worth it, and people may say collage is worth everything, but you could always get the same education for less you dont necessary need to go to a 150,000 collage because chances are you wont get exactly the job and pay you want.

  26. Ajee Roberts

    Yes college is worth it because you get more educated in your skills in what you want to major in life. Also you get to explore and do new things in life. College is a great place to go in life because move on to great and better things and make it to your future.I’m personality want to go to college because I want to become a nurse to help out the elderly people or babies. I like helping people. Also, I want to go to college to reach my dreams as becoming a nurse. Part of me thinks college is not worth it because they ask for a lot of money that really should not costs that much. For example, like your classes, finical aid, and etc. Some degrees pay for themselves; others don’t. American schoolkids pondering whether to take on huge student loans are constantly told that college is the gateway to the middle class.


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