Class Agenda #28 – BBK Russian Revolution – Vocab Focus

Opener- 2 minutes

  • Notebook and Class Page


  • SLTs- 
  • I can identify evidence to analyze the text and draw inferences. (R1)
    • I can use a Cornell Notes organizer to highlight important points from a series of on-line texts.



Round 1- The skill you’re using is called Skimming. (THIS SHOULD BE COMPLETED)

Find at least 10 words that are new to you, or that are impressive to you:

    • Copy the word in your notebook.
    • Identify the root word, if applicable. Define in the word. Write if it’s a Noun, Verb, Adjective, etc…
    • Evaluate how the word is being used. What is the context?

Round II- Fill out Cornell Notes for each section. Stineman and B work with designated groupings.

(CFU) Discussion Questions- Can be turned into a reaction paper

  • What are the philosophical similarities and differences between Russian leaders Lenin, Tortsky and Stalin?
  • What are the differences in their approaches to ruling their country?
  • Of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin, who do you identify with the most and why?

Exit ticket- Summarize the main points of 1 person who we studied today. E-Mail it to B and Stineman.


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