Class Agenda #25 – Dirty Wars Continued…

Opener- 2 minutes

  • What is the most surprising part of the film “Dirty Wars?”

Popcorn share out 


  • I can identify evidence to analyze the text and draw inferences. (R1)
    • I can use a Cornell Notes organizer to highlight important points from a film.
  • I can summarize how the ideas, themes, or conclusions of a text are developed and connected.
    • I can summarize the main points of the United States involvement in a “Dirty War” in my Cornell Notes.

Text (25 min)- “Dirty Wars” streaming on Netflix.

Task- Fill out Cornell Notes. Stineman and B work with designated groupings.

  • CFU- Quick Write- If you could ask the journalist in this film 2 questions, what would they be?
  • Exit- Reaction- Does learning about America’s covert operations around the world change your opinions of The United States? US Military? Our Global “Enemies?” Explain yourself.

Homework- Don’t forget to start your next cycle of 10 reaction papers.



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