Class Agenda #20 – Listening and Questioning continued…


  • Where should the following questions fall on our spectrum? Discuss at your tables and be ready to share.
  1. Why is Russia Expanding out?
  2. Did Hitler influence what Putin is doing in the Ukraine?
  3. What was Putin’s response or reaction to being compared to someone like Hitler?
  4. How is Putin very surprising? what does that say about history of surprises ?
  5. Was Bush feared more than Obama ?
  6. Do yout think the conflict between Russia and Ukraine can ever have a chance to unite and become peaceful?

Share Out

Mini Lesson- Review Good Questions


  • TEXT- Opening segment of Slate Political Gabfest on the Russian invasion of Crimea
  •  DO- Focus on asking questions in this. In your Cornell Notes, try to ask at least 5 good questions about what your listening to.
Continue to listening to this podcast. The second segment is about the legalization of marijuana, third segment is about the change in the SAT’s. Continue to ask questions on these topics.
  • I can identify evidence to analyze the text and draw inferences. (R1)
  • I can summarize how the ideas, themes, or conclusions of a text are developed and connected.
  • I can determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text.

Things to do:

  1. Last Week’s Quiz- Class Agenda #11
  2. Yesterday’s Vocabulary
  3. Reaction Papers

Round 1- The skill you’re using is called Skimming. (THIS SHOULD BE COMPLETED)

Find at least 10 words that are new to you, or that are impressive to you:

  • Copy the word in your notebook.
  • Identify the root word, if applicable. Define in the word. Write if it’s a Noun, Verb, Adjective, etc…
  • Evaluate how the word is being used. What is the context?
    • EXAMPLE-
    • Word- Simultaneously – root- Simultaneous
    • Definition- to do at the same time.
    • Context- the story talks about two possible reasons for the demonstrations, and that it’s possible for both to be the reason at the same time.

Round 2- Skill you’re using is close reading (SHOULD BE STARTED IN CLASS ON TUESDAY)

  • Set up Cornell Notes for each of the readings.
  • As you read, fill in your Cornell Notes.
  • You should summarize at the end of each break in your reading.

Exit Ticket- Make sure your work is shared with Mr. B


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