Class Agenda #12 – An Opening Quiz and tying up loose ends


In class Short Response Quiz-

Prompt- Of the two social revolutions going on this week, Ukraine and Venezuela, which is the more relevant?


  • E-Mail your response.
  • Should be 2 Paragraphs
  • Paragraph 1, makes an argument for why one revolution is more relevant than the other.
  • Paragraph 2, why is the other revolution important, but not as important?
  • Include textual evidence to support your claim and counter claim.


  • I can identify evidence to analyze the text and draw inferences. (R1)
  • I can summarize how the ideas, themes, or conclusions of a text are developed and connected.
  • I can determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text.

Anchor Texts-

  • Use your Notes from the week to help guide your work.

Bonus Reading-

Revolution in the Digital Age

Make sure your classwork for the week is complete.

Round 1- The skill you’re using is called Skimming. (THIS SHOULD BE COMPLETED)

Find at least 10 words that are new to you, or that are impressive to you:

  • Copy the word in your notebook.
  • Identify the root word, if applicable. Define in the word. Write if it’s a Noun, Verb, Adjective, etc…
  • Evaluate how the word is being used. What is the context?
    • EXAMPLE-
    • Word- array
    • Definition- a display or range of options
    • Context- the story talks about the variety of people in Venezuela

Round 2- Skill you’re using is close reading (SHOULD BE STARTED IN CLASS ON TUESDAY)

  • Set up Cornell Notes for each of the readings.
  • As you read, fill in your Cornell Notes.
  • You should summarize at the end of each break in your reading.

Round 3-

Don’t forget your REACTION PAPERS

Exit Ticket- Make sure your work is shared with Mr. B


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