Class Agenda #4 – Revolution BBK


  • I can ask factual, interpretive, and evaluative questions to drive learning.
  • I can take effective notes that capture key points.

Do Now Reading- 

Sixteenth-century astrologers serving princes and generals spoke of “revolution” to desig­nate abrupt and unforeseen events determined by the conjunction of planets-that is, by forces beyond human control. Thus the original sci­entific meaning of the word, conveying regularity and repetitiveness, came, when referring to human affairs, to signify the very opposite, namely, the sudden and unpredictable.

-Richard Pipes


  • How does this example of planetary revolutions lead to our modern adaptation of the word, “revolution?”

Mini-Lesson- A look at notebooks from last week!

Class Work

  • Building Background Knowledge on Revolutions
  • 10 of the most influential Revolutionary Wars
  • Directions- Fill out your own set of Cornell Notes for 8/10 of the Revolutions. Make a goal of 2/ Class
  • Mid Workshop Check In- Pull some of the best notes to the board.

Continuing Anchor Text- Band Of Brothers.

Syllabus Review- College Writing Syllabus


Exit- Make sure your notes are shared.


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