Class Agenda #3 Cueing your Cornell Notes

SLT- I can take effective notes that help me ask formative questions, think critically, and make connections with a text.

Mini-Lesson- Cueing and summarizing in your Cornell Notes-


Text- History of the Chicken Wing!

Question- How would I cue my notes? How would I summarize?



Americans eat 1.2 billion wings on superbowl day

Wings first happened at anchor bar. They sound Italian?

Wings were invented 50 years ago.

Why would they discard chicken wings?

They served the wings to sons drunk friends.

Where is buffalo?

Do’s and donts. Dont call them buffalo wings. use blue cheese. celery and carrots are important. got to be fried.

Chicken wings will be here forever.

White people dance funny.



Format Review-

Cornell Notes

Practice- We’ll be looking at the text “Band Of Brothers”

While we’re setting up, review your notes from yesterday and fill in any blanks.

Check In- Share 1 note you’ve taken so far.

Exit- Submit your notes.


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