Class Agenda #40 – Cyber Monday

Opening Circle-

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only eat 1 food and drink 1 drink for one year, what would they be?

  • Class Work-
  • E-mail Mr. Boccheciamp what grade you think you deserve in this class and why. Include vocabulary words from Word Dynamo, include your progress on lumosity and quizlet, include your preparedness for the ELA Regents exam (including the books you feel comfortable writing about, and possibly your improved reading stamina.)
  • If you tell me that you deserve a good grade “cause you basically do all your work” then you will fail this assignment and possibly this course.

Class Work-

  • Spend about 15 minutes on BrainPop
  • Log In- Validus
  • Password- Prep
  • Work in the English/Grammer Section
  • E-mail quiz results to


BONUS- Ask me or Ms. Stineman a question using one of the words.


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